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The Top L.A. Dog Parks
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The Top L.A. Dog Parks

From West Hollywood to the Arts District, these are the best parks in Los Angeles to play with your pup.

Ani Karibian


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August 05, 2020

Get ready to load up your pup in the car, ‘cause it’s time to take your furry best friend on an adventure. The minute you ask the dogs if they want to go for a walk, you know their tags will start wagging in excitement, so you can’t leave them hanging. Luckily, the City of Angels is home to ample dog-friendly turf where canines can socialize and roam off-leash.

We know you love to spoil your fur babies, so head to one of L.A.’s top dog parks and make a day of it. From WEHO to the Arts District, you’ll find the perfect park to play with your pup. (Just ensure you comply with the dog park rules while you’re there.)

The Best Dog Parks in Los Angeles

The 6.5-acre Sepulveda Basin Off-Leash Dog Park offers plenty of room for roaming and Frisbee throwing.

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Sepulveda Basin Off-Leash Dog Park

Location: 17550 Victory Boulevard, Encino

Hours: Open daily from sunrise to sunset (except for Fridays, when the park closes at 11 a.m. for regular maintenance).

Amenities: Parking, benches, chairs, picnic area, off-leash, dog waste station, water stations, and porta-potties are available. The site hosts a low-cost vaccine clinic on Sundays from 3:30 to 5 p.m. 

This 6.5-acre off-leash dog park is perfect for both puppies and big dogs alike. There are three separate fenced-in areas for dogs, and a majority of the space is located in a wooded area, so your dog will dig the natural vibe. Plus, the grass is bountiful, well-maintained, and clean—thanks to the humans who are mindful of cleaning up after their dogs. 

With two small-dog runs and one large-dog run, Sepulveda Basin Off-Leash Dog Park offers plenty of room for roaming and Frisbee throwing. There’s also an on-leash area for picnickers, so you can definitely make your trip here a family affair. The numerous trees provide ample shade, too, so you don’t have to worry about overheating. 

West Hollywood Park Dog Park

Location: 647 North San Vicente Boulevard, West Hollywood

Hours: Open daily from 6 a.m.–midnight (except for Wednesdays, when the large-dog area closes between 9 and 10 a.m. and the small-dog area closes between 10 and 11 a.m. for maintenance). 

Amenities: Parking, off-leash, benches, water stations, and specially formulated K9 artificial turf 

The West Hollywood Park and Dog Park pampers both small and large dogs alike. Using a specially formulated K9 artificial turf—which is environmentally safe, contains no rubber infill, has antimicrobial protection, and is designed to stay cool—playing in this spacious expanse is every canine’s dream. 

The fenced and gated park for small dogs is about 4,000 square feet, while the park for large dogs is over 7,000 square feet. Complete with tall trees and vines, this beautiful park also helps dog parents stay calm, cool, and collected during the rendezvous. 

BOrdering the Silver Lake Reservoir, the large Silverlake Dog Park is a perfect place for dogs to play a round of fetch.

Silverlake Dog Park

Location: 1850 West Silver Lake Drive, Los Angeles

Hours: Open daily from 6 a.m.10 p.m. (except for Wednesdays, when the park closes from 68:30 a.m. for cleaning).

Amenities: Parking, water station, canopy, walking trail

Known as the “hipster dog park” of East L.A., the 1.25-acre Silverlake Dog Park is located near Echo Park and Los Feliz. The dog park is adjacent to the Silver Lake Reservoir and features a 2.2-mile walking and jogging path that winds its way around a tranquil park and children’s playground. Once you reach the tree-lined area for canines, you can let Fido off-leash. 

The arid, expansive large-dog run is fenced off from the small-dog area, but both sections have water stations and a few trees and grassy areas along the fence. Canine parents: There are two small canopies in the large run and a single canopy and picnic table in the small run, so you can find refuge from the sun (or the rain). 

Laurel Canyon Dog Park

Location: 8260 Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles

Hours: Open seven days a week from sunrise to sunset (except for Fridays, when the park is closed from 6 to 11 a.m. for cleaning).

Amenities: Sizable parking lot, handicap accessible, separate children’s playground, and porta-potties 

Laurel Canyon Dog Park is located in canyon country—at the top of scenic Mulholland Drive—so you can enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding area as your dogs run wild. Most of the three-acre park is devoted to larger dogs, but there is a fenced, off-leash area for small dogs as well as a long ramp for older dogs and wheelchair access. With a separate children’s playground, you can bring the youngsters along for a lovely day with the entire family.

Pro tip: Bring a hat and wear sunscreen because there aren’t many trees in the park. Also, watch for rattlesnakes and coyotes in the early morning and evening. Despite the heat, the scenery is gorgeous, and rest assured that both you and your furry friend will relax after a day of fun in the sun. 

Pups can't help but smile when visiting the sprawling Whittier Dog Park, where they can run wild and enjoy the fresh air.

Whittier Dog Park

Location: 2206 Philadelphia Street, Whittier

Hours: Open daily from sunrise to sunset (except for Thursdays, when the park opens at approximately 11 a.m. due to maintenance).

Amenities: Parking, benches, disposable waste bags, water station, and water fountain

Whittier Dog Park is a great place to bring your fur babies. The park is flat and located next to the Greenway Trail, which is a 4.5-mile pet-friendly hiking and biking path. The park is divided into two fenced, off-leash areas: Large dogs have a whopping 30,000-square-foot section to run wild and get in touch with nature, while small dogs get a 10,000-square-foot space to expend their energy. The ground’s surface contains decomposed granite and is mostly made up of sand and dirt, so it’s more natural and environmentally friendly for the pups (pet owners say the lack of grass makes for easier cleanup, too).

Bluff Creek Dog Park

Location: 12604 Bluff Creek Drive, Los Angeles

Hours: Monday–Friday, from 7 a.m.–6 pm., and Saturday and Sunday, from 8 a.m.–6 p.m.

Amenities: Street parking, seating, cement walkway, man-made shade structures, off-leash, K9 artificial turf, water station, and dog waste station

Located in the Playa Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles, this off-leash dog park offers K9 artificial turf, small hills, and a stream—all the luxuries a dog could ask for. Bluff Creek’s claim to fame is that it’s the only dog park in Playa Vista offering pet turf instead of wood chips; a perk of pet turf is that it’s less muddy and dirty than wood chips. This pooch paradise is also making a name for itself as one of the best dog parks in the L.A. area. Boasting separate areas for both large and small dogs as well as water features for drinking and splashing, Bluff Creek is a haven for your canine friends. The rolling hills allow for speed optimization, and with many lost tennis balls from the adjacent tennis courts, this hot spot will certainly be your dog’s favorite. 

There’s also plenty of seating, man-made shade structures, looming trees, and a wide cement walkway curving throughout the park, so you can relax comfortably as your puppy paws away at the earth. You’ve even got a bit of a view—admire a cliff face on one side and Bluff Creek on the other—so what’s not to like?

Tucked within the 4,000-acre Griffith Park lies a paradise for pups that comes complete with multiple dog runs, plenty of shade, and water stations.

Griffith Park Dog Park

Location: North Zoo Drive, Los Angeles (at the north end of the John Ferraro Soccer Field)

Hours: Open daily from sunrise to sunset (except for Tuesdays, when the park closes between 6 and 10 a.m. for cleaning). 

Amenities: Parking, public restrooms (at the nearby soccer field), on-site porta-potty, off-leash, water station, benches, and chairs. 

Home to the Greek Theatre, Griffith Observatory, and the Los Angeles Zoo, Griffith Park is a 4,000-acre oasis and one of the top L.A. attractions. This sprawling expanse with plenty of biking, hiking, and horseback riding trails is also a paradise for canines, thanks to the 1.6-acre Griffith Park Dog Park. The park is divided into a large- and small-dog run, both of which have dog fountains. The smaller run has less shade than the large run, but there are still trees, several benches, and a picnic table. When coupled with the secluded areas for picnicking and barbecuing—not to mention all of the amenities Griffith Park has to offer—this is a great place for your pups to explore and expend their seemingly endless energy.

Boneyard Dog Park

Location: Duquesne Avenue, Culver City

Hours: Open daily from sunrise to 10 p.m.

Amenities: Benches, water station and water bowls, pooper scoopers, and shade

Over an acre in size, the off-leash Boneyard Dog Park features sections for small and large dogs, plus a sloping hill that’s great for dogs to run and play fetch. Decomposed granite is used as ground cover instead of wood chips, making it more comfortable for dogs to roam. For canine parents, the park is shaded by trees and benches, so you can relax while Fido runs wild.

The water station will help keep your dogs hydrated, and there are plenty of bowls to share amongst the dogs. Best of all, Boneyard is known for having well-behaved dogs and responsible pet parents, who will help make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

The vibrant Arts District Dog Park has separate areas for large dogs and small, timid dogs, making it approachable for canines of all comfort levels.

Arts District Dog Park

Location: 1004 East 4th Street, Los Angeles

Hours: Open daily from 5 a.m.–11 p.m.

Amenities: Limited street parking, lighting fixtures, pooper scoopers, water station, and benches

Located in the vibrant Arts District, this privately run, 600-square-foot dog park comes complete with a colorful mural, a dedicated area for small or timid dogs, and ample benches and trees. Additionally, the ground cover is constructed using decomposed granite, which your pup is bound to appreciate. The Arts District Dog Park also has lighting fixtures, so you can rest easy when chillin’ at the park late at night. Keep an eye out for special events such as park cleanups and discussions with local dog experts, too, so you can socialize with other pet parents while your fur child interacts with other dogs. 

Hermon Park in the Arroyo Seco Dog Park

Location: 5566 Via Marisol, Los Angeles

Hours: Open daily from sunrise to sunset

Amenities: Parking, unisex restroom (located next to the tennis courts), double-gated entrance to fenced-off areas, benches, picnic tables, barbecue pits, water station and water bowls, and biodegradable doggie waste bags

Adjacent to northeast L.A.’s historic Arroyo Seco, this 1.3-acre dog park is located within the pleasant Arroyo Seco Park, which is home to tree-lined walking and biking paths, a grassy expanse, tennis courts, and a children’s play area. Since dogs are welcome in these different areas of Arroyo Seco Park (as long as they are leashed), it’s a great idea to get some exercise and spend time with your furry best friend here. 

Specifically for dogs, the quiet Hermon Park is off-leash with two fenced areas—one for large dogs and one for small, elderly, and disabled dogs. Each section offers a water station for the pups and several tree-shaded sitting areas for their humans. In the large dog run, there are many benches located under a large tree; oftentimes, the dogs will curl up near the benches, taking a break from being under the hot sun. Another bonus: Constructed of decomposed granite, the ground cover is essentially mud-free and is made for easy cleanup. 

The park is run by the nonprofit organization Friends of Hermon Dog Park, which often hosts a “Yappy Hour” on the last Sunday of every month. It’s a great way to socialize with other dog mamas and papas and to help improve your dog’s social compatibility with other dogs in the park.

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