California Voices: The 5 Places in L.A. You Should Visit on Your Motorcycle

California Voices: The 5 Places in L.A. You Should Visit on Your Motorcycle

By Kevin Martez
Guest Writer July 16, 2020

lLos Angeles, California, is the heartthrob of many people—and not just in the U.S., but in the world. You will find that people are simply in love with this place. But if you’re a resident of L.A., you might’ve realized that it’s very busy and that the city life here is quite tough. Luckily, there is a way to enjoy this city, away from the noise.

Los Angeles is home to beautiful roads running along the coastline, national forests that are buzzing with wildlife, and looming mountains. A motorcycle is one of the best ways to get around because you get to see the marvels around you. (You’ll be able to work out your core as well.) You must, however, choose a truly rewarding route. I also highly recommend you consider good luggage options when you do decide to go on a long motorcycle ride; depending on your needs, a good saddlebag, tank bag, handlebar bag, or tail bag can help you easily carry your food or other items.

So, get ready to reward your soul by traveling on your motorcycle to an exotic place that is still near you. These are the best motorcycle routes in the L.A. area.

Follow the twists and turns of the famed Pacific Coast Highway while taking in scenic views of the L.A. coast.

1. Sunset to Pacific Coast Highway (EASY)

This route is a must for any rider. Even if you’re not a resident of California and are just here for some time, you’ve got to take this ride. You’ll be able to get a taste of the city, zip through the Sunset Strip, and allow your eyes to feast on the famous Beverly Hills Hotel—all while witnessing breathtaking scenes. When you reach the prized Pacific Coast Highway, you’ll get to experience the cool, heavenly breeze (and if you find it a little too cold, you can always wear a good-looking motorcycle jacket). 

I would recommend you begin your journey from Sunset Boulevard and go all the way to the coast. It’s best to start at Highland and Sunset, and then cruise over to the wider Beverly Hills roads, which will take you past the 405. From there, you can get to the more curvy roads leading to the ocean. To reach the Santa Monica Pier, you can ride along the PCH. You can easily get on time to witness the sunset by the Ferris wheel.

2. Neptune’s Net (EASY)

Neptune’s Net is a destination that you should definitely go to. It’s not one to be missed, and if you’re a bike enthusiast like me, then you’re going to enjoy it there. The popular restaurant is situated along the Pacific Coast Highway, just north of Malibu, and even has designated spots for parking bikes. The road to get here is quite wide, too, and allows you to experience a smooth ride beside the coast.

Ride up into the mountains of Angeles National Forest along the curvy Angeles Crest Highway.

3. Angeles Crest Highway (MODERATE)

This is a ride that is not to be missed. Head north of downtown L.A., where you’ll find the entrance to Highway 2. This will take you all the way to Angeles Crest Highway. Here, windy roads will be your guide up to the Angeles National Forest. (Can you believe this amazing forest lies just north of the city?) This road is quite populated by motorcyclists, and you will have nothing but fun getting to your destination.

4. Mulholland Drive (MODERATE-DIFFICULT)

Mulholland Drive is easily one of the best roads for motorcyclists out there. It runs through the very heart of the city and allows you to race across the picturesque mountains while savoring the view of Hollywood. Moreover, you’ll be able to steal quick glances of the valley as well. If you start at Mulholland and Cahuenga, make sure you drive past the 405, into the hills above Encino. Don’t forget to take some quick photos, either. You’ll see the beautiful Laurel Canyon, Coldwater Canyon, and Beverly Glen if you take any of the canyon roads. 

5. The Snake to the Rock Store (MODERATE-DIFFICULT)

One of the most beloved routes among motorcyclists, the Snake to the Rock Store is a must-do trip. Use the Mulholland Highway (not Mulholland Drive, that’s a different route) in Malibu, which will lead you to many scenic places. You can easily go to the amazing beach; take the 101 South and exit on Topanga Canyon South, then turn right onto Mulholland Drive and go left onto Mulholland Highway. Just stay on the road, and it will take you right up to the beach!


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