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Unique Dates to Plan in California

Unique Dates to Plan in California

Impress your partner with these unusual date night ideas and we guarantee you’ll land a second date.


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April 28, 2021

It doesn't matter whether you're a cat or dog lover, anyone would love to go on a date where furry friends keep you company at all times.

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A good date becomes even better when there's chocolate involved. Tour the Chuao Chocolate Joy Factory and leave with a box full of deliciousness.
Whether you're going on a scenic drive or planning a cute picnic by the beach, Cambria is always a good idea for a unique date.
You can never go wrong with an awesome outdoor date in Ojai Valley. Swoon your date and take them to all the hidden gems in the area.
Sure, Pismo Beach is a wonderful place to watch the sunset, but for adrenaline junkies, riding dune buggies here is the best thing to do.
Is there anything more dreamy than riding a horse into the sunset by California's unspoiled coastline? The thought alone is making us fall in love.
A dinner date's a classic. Take your at-home date idea to a whole new level by preparing a gourmet meal only Michelin-starred restaurants would serve.

Make a Gourmet Meal 

If the key to your date’s heart is through their stomach, this unique date night idea is perfect for you. Unleash your inner Jamie Oliver and impress your loved one with a fine-dining experience they’ll cherish forever. Set the mood, dim the lights, and deck the table with handcrafted dinnerware from Heath Ceramics—you’ll be killing the at-home-date game.

Have a Paint Off

Grab whatever is at hand—markers, crayons, watercolors, even random pencils in your junk drawer—and challenge your significant other to a paint-off. Use your kitchen table as a subject for your next abstract. Grow closer with each brushstroke on this unique at-home date idea and find all the painting essentials provided by the California-based Art Supply Warehouse.

Unique Virtual Date Ideas 

If you're dying to show off your chess skills to your date, challenge them to a virtual match and enjoy a round or two of the classic game.

Plan a Virtual Game Night 

Since 2020 made us all licensed Zoom pros, why not make the most of the new norm? Adapt all your favorite games into virtual mode, don your cozy pajamas, and just play. The best part about this slightly unique virtual date idea is that all your favorite games have online versions—21 Questions, Monopoly, Scrabble, you name it, it’s there. 

If your significant other’s the competitive type, feel free to raise the stakes. Add twists to every game, such as the winner dares the other to post something funny on their Instagram. 

Go on a Virtual Museum Tour 

One pro of virtual dates? You can basically take your loved one anywhere in the state. Share screens and “walk” around the California museums for a socially distanced culture fix through online exhibitions. If you’re a fan of San Diego museums, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Online viewing rooms, art talks, and live stream events are offered far and wide. This unique and romantic date idea is as good as it gets.

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