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15 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Floor Tiles
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15 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Floor Tiles

Picking out bathroom floor tiles is no easy task. Check out these 15 tips to help you in your search and bring your vision to life.

Mateos Glen Hayes


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May 21, 2019

Picking out bathroom floor tiles seems like a simple task, and in many ways, it is if you know what to look for. With a large number of options out there, it can be hard to find the bathroom tile that best fits your needs and tastes. You might have seen the perfect bathroom tile pattern in your neat California Airbnb, but don’t know how to translate that design to your home. Since you have to consider everything including tile materials, tile placement, and how everything will fit together style-wise, it can be quite a handful for the uninitiated. 

This is why it is important to start your bathroom floor tile upgrade project with a good understanding of what you like, want, and need. Weighing your options before walking into the store will guide your decision-making and make everything go smoothly. Check out these 15 tips to aid you in your bathroom-tile search and bring your vision to come to life.

Types of Tiles 

Porcelain and ceramic tiles come in a variety of shapes and can incorporate beautiful patterns for an artful bathroom tile design.

There are so many types of tiles out there that listing them all would be a whole lengthy article all on its own. Instead of overloading you with information, let’s take a gander at the best floor tile options for refreshing your bathroom

Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles 

Ceramic and porcelain tiles come in an array of colors and patterns ranging from tiny, honeycomb-shaped tiles to larger slabs. Ceramic tiles are a popular choice for stone or wood imitation bathroom floor tiles. Ceramic tiles are durable, waterproof, and bacteria-resistant. They are also stain and odor resistant, two qualities that are a serious asset in the bathroom.

These tiles are typically simple to install and just as easy to clean. However, they can be rather cold and hard to walk on barefoot; slip-resistant versions are highly recommended since the tiles are naturally slick, especially when wet. Porcelain tiles are more durable than their ceramic counterparts and often more expensive. 

Having said that, you get good value for your money with porcelain tiles with their extra durability and consistent color throughout the material. This means a chip in the tile won’t remove the tile’s color as it would with painted bathroom tile floors. This means any blemishes from wear and tear are easier to conceal.

Plastic Laminate Tiles 

Available in a more limited selection and usually meant to look like wood planks, plastic laminate bathroom floor tiles are a great option if you are looking for flooring with a similar height to the existing material. These tiles are durable and easy to clean like porcelain and ceramic, but they are less resistant to water. 

Moisture can cause the fiberboard to expand over time, making it essential to thoroughly caulk around appliances and walls. On the upside, these tiles are much more comfortable to walk on barefoot since they tend to be softer and warmer than ceramic tiles. 

Glass tile adds a reflective quality to your flooring, giving the bathroom an airier feel.

Stone Tiles 

Stone bathroom floor tiles have gained popularity in the past few years and provide a rugged natural elegance that other materials don’t. Stone tiles can also be a great eco-friendly home improvement idea because they are a natural material. While they offer the benefit of natural slip resistance, they require more maintenance than other types of tiles. Stone tiles are more porous, making them prone to staining and moisture absorption. As such, they require cleaning and sealing fairly frequently. Stone tiles are often more expensive than their counterparts, too.  They are, however, available in an impressive assortment of colors and textures, allowing you to make your space uniquely yours.

Glass Tiles 

Given their extensive range of styles and colors; the way they reflect light; and their ability to create depth in a small space, glass tiles have carved out an appealing niche in the market. It is no surprise then that they are one of the most popular bathroom floor tiles out there. 

Glass tiles tend to be more expensive than other types of tiles because they are difficult to install. Once they are in, they will last for years to come. Much like ceramic and porcelain tiles, glass tiles can be slick, so textured tiles or small tiles with large grout sections are recommended to avoid falls. But all this is a small price to pay for a standout bathroom floor tile idea. 

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Tile Extras

Heated tiles make your bathroom more comfortable and increase home value.

For the best bathroom tile setup consider some extra design features such as heated floors and pattern work which add style and functionality to your bathroom. 


While thinking about bathroom tiles may sound boring initially, it doesn’t have to be. Mixing and matching different tile sizes can create visual interest. Bathrooms with hexagon tile floors for instance can incorporate a Mediterranean mosaic style for a classy look. 

Alternatively, multiple different tile sizes can be used in your bathroom floor tile design that complements other components of the bathroom such as your vanity. Small tiles can also reduce the risk of slipping since there is a smaller surface area and more grout. This presents a great opportunity to use smaller tiles around wet areas and larger tiles in the rest of the bathroom.


One smart bathroom floor tile idea has to do with texture. By installing differently-textured and colored bathroom floor tiles in different places you can give your bathroom different zones. So for example, regularly used spaces can have slip-resistant bathroom floor tiles which are brightly colored. 

By incorporating slip-resistant tiles into the design it is possible to create a standing area next to the sink or a splash zone by the tub without needing to purchase additional area rugs. By separating the space into different areas, a small room can feel larger and more organized.

Two-toned bathroom floor tile designs helped to designate different zones in your bathroom.

Heated Bathroom Floor Tiles

Heated bathroom floor tiles are a hot (pun intended) feature on today’s market, and for good reason. Heated floors increase the future resale value of your home, and are quite effective at making your bathroom more practical and comfortable. With heated floors, you can kiss cold floors goodbye. No more stepping out of a hot shower onto an icy floor. Heated floors nip this problem in the bud and help moisture dissipate faster, which is great for preventing mold formation.

Things to Bear in Mind 

Neutral-colored tiles make a small bathroom feel larger thanks to their reflective qualities.

Here are a few more things to keep in mind with your bathroom floor tile installation so that everything goes off without a hitch.

The Magic Number 

Variety may be the spice of life, but adding too many different types of tiles in a small space can cause visual clutter. Pick out a maximum of three shapes and colors to maintain a sense of cohesion while also adding personality to the room. 

If you are having a hard time deciding which ones to use or how much of them to get, determine which specific tile is your favorite and go from there. If it is an expensive choice, think about your budget and how much you can realistically afford before finalizing your bathroom floor tile ideas.

Size Matters

Yes, it does matter. It’s best to make an intentional decision when coming up with bathroom floor tile ideas. Though large bathroom floor tiles can make a small shower look bigger, they can also make the space more of a slipping hazard. Meanwhile, smaller peel-and-stick bathroom floor tiles can feel busier but also help to make the surface more slip-resistant, while providing a classic imitation wood look. 

Consider mixing and matching the tiles to accommodate both needs, or use larger tiles in half baths or powder rooms where slipping is less of a concern. Large stone tiles are another great option, as they will provide the desired continuity while also adding the texture needed to make the flooring safe.

Neutral Colors Are Better 

Black bathroom floor tiles can give your bathroom a luxurious look, but sometimes it’s safer to go with lighter neutral colors instead. Neutral-colored bathroom floor tiles are a great summer home decor idea since they’ll keep your bathroom cool in warm weather. Neutral-colored tiles also come with some considerable benefits that make tile installation and maintenance easier. 

Neutral-colored bathroom floor tiles allow for an airier bathroom thanks to how they reflect the light. They also make it easier to add color accents since they will fit naturally without any color conflicts. Neutral-colored bathroom floor tiles are also a great compromise if you have trouble choosing a color as they tend to appeal to a wider range of tastes.  

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