How to Support Your Favorite California Brands While Social Distancing

How to Support Your Favorite California Brands While Social Distancing

By Rachael Medina March 20, 2020

As communities across the world and in California mitigate health risks during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are shifting our content focus and will not encourage any travel or social activities during this time. We will, however, continue to shine a light on and celebrate the many beautiful aspects of our State with the intention of being a source of inspiration and joy during this difficult period. We will also be providing tips and resources specifically related to the COVID-19 pandemic safety measures in the coming weeks. Thank you for reading, and stay safe!

Social distancing and “shelter in place” orders can sound intense, but they don’t mean we can’t support our favorite California brands and farmers. While it’s easy to feel isolated in these trying times, it’s important to remember that we’re all in this together, so we need to continue lifting one another up—even when we're leaving at least six feet between ourselves and others. 

From ordering takeout at a local restaurant to purchasing a print from your favorite freelance photographer, there are endless ways to show your support. As an added bonus, many items can be delivered to your door, so you don’t have to leave the house. 

Spend Your Food Dollars Locally

California restaurants can't offer dine-in service during this time, but you can still support your local favorites by ordering takeout.

Though many of us are focused on hunkering down and saving money while we can, it’s important to recognize all of the locally owned businesses that are getting hit the hardest. Many restaurants, for example, are prohibited from serving guests in their dining rooms and are relying on delivery and to-go orders to support their staff. Every order helps these small businesses keep their doors open and allows employees to purchase their own necessities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Especially if you are fortunate enough to work remotely, try to think about all those whose industries do not afford such luxuries, and help when and how you can. You can enjoy your favorite California cuisine and help your neighbors in the process.

Support Those Who Can’t WFH

California-based companies like PayPal make it easy to buy products online and send money to those who are struggling.

Freelancers, retail workers, and performers are feeling this crisis more than most because they rely on the crowds, customers, and gatherings that aren’t legally allowed right now. You can help your community get through the financial hardship by ordering bespoke video messages from lesser-known or out-of-work TV personalities on Cameo, buying a print from the artist you follow on Instagram, gifting your struggling friends some money via PayPal so they can buy food, or booking a photoshoot with a local photographer for later in the year. 

Purchase Products From California Brands

When shopping for snacks at the grocery store, choose Golden State brands such as Clif Bar.

Going to local boutiques may not currently be possible, but many local brands are keeping their websites active, so there’s no better time than now to order your necessities and gifts online. Supporting California’s clothing brands, packaged food companies, and other locally based businesses can help mitigate the negative effects that COVID–19 has had on our communities. So, fill your capsule wardrobe with California-made workout clothes, blue jeans, and ethical shoe brands (and donate whatever you don’t need anymore to local charities); stock your pantry with a 30-day supply of California foods—such as Dole canned fruits, Clif Bar protein snacks, REBBL immunity elixirs, and Equator Coffees’ coffee beans—and make sure you have OLLY vitamins in your medicine cabinet to take care of your own health and the health of your community.

Note: While feeling a little panicked and fearful during this time is understandable, please remember to purchase only what you need and to donate any extra food you may have to your local food bank. Even with stricter measures in place, Californians are allowed to leave their homes to visit grocery stores; stockpiling only leads to scarcity for others and can even put your own health at risk. We are all in this together and must think of the greater good in times of need.

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