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7 Surprising Benefits of Local Honey

7 Surprising Benefits of Local Honey

Not only does local honey carry delicious floral hints, but it also offers a plethora of health benefits.


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March 17, 2021

Sweet, nourishing, and delightfully fresh—honey tastes just like sunlight in a jar. Crafted from wildflower nectar, local honey is armed with rejuvenating nutrients. Whether you’re cruising California’s farmer’s markets or exploring the vibrant bee farms, grabbing a jar is worth every drop. Not only does local honey carry delicious floral hints, but it also offers a plethora of health benefits.

The Health Benefits of Local Honey

Honey has been used as both food and medicine since ancient times.

Sweet Supply of Antioxidants 

Packed with a myriad of plant chemicals, local honey is an antioxidant powerhouse. With enough health benefits to put fruits and vegetables to shame, it’s time to make room in your pantry for some organic sweetness.

Thanks to the benefits of local honey, your immune system will be armed with the power to combat a variety of health risks. The antioxidants help prevent the aging process and battle chronic diseases. 

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Nectar for Your Wounds 

Ever since ancient Egypt, local honey has gone far beyond providing a luscious taste. The thick golden liquid is packed with germ-killing and tissue-regenerating powers, so local honey is commonly used to treat wounds and reduce infections. With prevailing medical usage, it’s best to avoid anything store-bought and go for locally sourced honey instead.

A little bit of honey in your diet keeps the doctor away.

A Sugary Cure for Sore Throats

Local honey can be good for you solo, on toast, or combined in a nice cup of tea. While it can’t cure coughs, local, organic honey can surely ease a sore throat. Tested alongside dextromethorphan—a popular cough medicine—studies showed that this sweet nectar is a force to be reckoned with. Not only did honey have greater success in cough relief, but it also bested antihistamine in its efforts to alleviate throat soreness.

Nature’s Snoozer 

If you’re having trouble sleeping, consider adding a spoonful of honey to your bedtime routine. While most people keep honey in their kitchens, grab a jar for your nightstand to improve your sleep cycle. 

Your sleeping schedule will benefit from raw local honey in two main ways:

  • It becomes an easily accessible fuel for your brain thanks to glycogen restocking. When you have low glycogen, your brain reverts to “hunger mode”—hindering that much-needed sleep time
  • Honey aids the release of melatonin—a hormone crucial for your body’s nightly restoration. By spiking your insulin levels, honey becomes a key player during those sweet resting periods

Additional Benefits of Locally-Sourced Honey

Honey fights off acne, treats oily skin, moisturizes dry skin, and give us a glowing complexion.

Honeylicious Skin Care

While eating local honey gives you that coveted saccharine kick, a delicious taste is not the only thing it’s good for. Reward your skin with a vitamin-packed rejuvenating face mask with the help of the sweet golden nectar.


½ cup pumpkin puree (without additives)

2 tablespoons local organic honey

2 tablespoons brown sugar

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar


  • Gather all the ingredients in a small bowl and mix well
  • Apply the mixture to your face using a face brush to avoid dirt or oil from finger application
  • Spread gently on your neck and face, making sure to avoid the eye area
  • Let it dry for 15 minutes
  • Remove with warm water and a washcloth
Honey is rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

Weight Loss Made Sweet 

While searching for a healthy, balanced weight-loss program, you’ll find honey dominating the diet charts. Due to its ability to mobilize stored fat, honey aids your weight decrease without posing any harm to your wellness.

When dieting, it’s crucial to focus on the nutritional intake rather than a mere reduction of calories. Though tempting, shortcuts ultimately do more harm than good. The benefits of local honey lie in providing a balanced path to your desired result.

Nutritionists and wellness enthusiasts alike recommend honey with a mixture of lukewarm water and lemon juice—freshly squeezed without any sugar or salt. This mixture will pave a great path to your fitness goals.

Studies have shown that honey can contain traces of flower pollen—an allergen.

Benefits of Eating Local Honey for Allergies

The connection between honey and seasonal allergy relief has been speculated for ages. If you’re looking to combat a stuffy nose with store-bought plastic bear honey, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

Sourced from nearby plants, local bee farms make the type of honey you should aim for. Most of the seasonal allergies are caused by local greenery, making the pollen found in the plants crucial for fighting seasonal allergies. Local honey has exactly that—natural pollen and bits of honeycomb can toughen up your immune system.

A spoonful of honey a day keeps the allergens away. Eat it solo, spread it on your toast, or get creative with your culinary skills. If you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits of eating local honey to combat allergies, make sure to avoid heating food that contains it—this could destroy the pollen inside. Though if you like a bit of honey in your beverage, don’t worry; the heat isn’t strong enough to destroy the pollen.

Where to Buy Local Honey?

Buy pure, raw, and unfiltered honey from your local farmers markets.

Honey Pacifica 

When in search of local honey on sale, head to Everest Street in Downey. With around 45 years of experience, this seasoned business is a pro when it comes to quality raw honey. Each flavor is carefully crafted at Southern California’s finest bee sites. A long-standing partnership with farmers has provided Honey Pacifica with endless fields. Here, bees roam around freely, stacking up on their sugary nectar.

NorCal Bees

If you’re looking for a Bay Area farmers market to buy local honey, look no further than NorCal Bees. This family-run business knows a thing or two about local honey. NorCal Bees ensures the best living environments for honeybees and aims to save the bustling insects by educating the public along the way. This local beekeeper family sells everything from apparel to delicious coconut cream honey.

Local Hive

Raw honey and authentic flavor come together at Local Hive—a locally sourced business operating all over America. By partnering with local beekeepers around the country, Local Hive aims to preserve the most natural ingredients in every bottle.

Sourced and made locally since 1924, this business puts the utmost care into everything they do. Each drop contains luscious floral notes and rich flavors—free of pesticides and antibiotics. Vigorous testing, unique locations, and expert harvesting make for the best place to buy local honey.

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