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The Center of The World: 11 Things To Do In Silicon Valley

The Center of The World: 11 Things To Do In Silicon Valley

Explore the center of the tech world located within one of California's most dynamic areas.

Natasha Kouyoumjian


4 min read

February 23, 2023

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The home to renowned tech companies and the city with the third highest capita on the globe, you’ll never run out of things to do in Silicon Valley, The region is located at the southern end of the Bay Area. With the headquarters of Meta, Facebook, Apple, Netflix, and eBay (just to name a few) it’s an area full of innovation and activities to do. It’s not all sprawling buildings and tech workers, there are plenty of uncanny landscapes and mountains to explore alongside a unique culture to take in. Silicon Valley feels like the center of the world.

With the fast-moving nature of the area, it can be hard to find cool things to do in Silicon Valley. If you’re curious about what lies at the heart of Silicon Valley, we’ll help you get caught up on everything this hotspot has to offer.

Silicon Valley’s Operating Tech Industries 

Silicon Valley is on the bleeding edge of global tech innovation, highlighted by the several company headquarters in the area.

1. Apple's Company Store and Headquarters

Town: Cupertino

Apple is a crown jewel in the tech industry and there’s nothing quite like visiting its headquarters. Make a quick stop at Apple’s company store when you’re looking for things to do in Cupertino. Treat yourself to some unique swag from this consumer enterprise that has nailed the art of branding.  

2. Facebook, Inc.

Town: Menlo Park

There’s not much value gained in going to the headquarters of this social media giant. A closed campus awaits any potential visitors, but Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park still has huge geek appeal. It’s why the Facebook campus still gets tons of visitors, taking selfies in front of the huge thumb out front. Check out the back of that sign, by the way, you’ll find that it still carries the marked logo of the campus’ old tenant Sun Microsystems.

3. Visit eBay

Town: San Jose

Ranking high on the list of California’s high-tech industries, eBay is located in San Jose, Silicon Valley’s largest city. If you’re a fan of eBay, aside from snapping a selfie in front of the huge logo, you should definitely take a look at their merch store. And hey, if you get tired of the souvenirs, you can always sell them on eBay.

4. Googleplex

Town: Mountain View

The Googleplex is a famed landmark in Mountain View. The company is responsible for creating a multitude of tech work opportunities in Silicon Valley and brings workers from around the globe into the area. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to visit the Googleplex; you’ll need a friend on the inside to give you access to the building. But you don’t need a sleuth friend to visit the Google Merchandise Story and pick up some souvenirs while you’re in the area.

The Ames Research center is a critical part of driving innovation through research.

5. The NASA Ames Research Center

Town: Mountain View

Officially acclaimed as a part of NASA in 1958, Ames Research Center plays a major role in modern NASA missions. Ames Research, packed with over 3 Billion dollars worth of equipment, is a well-oiled machine with 2,300 personnel contributing to research. If you’re curious about NASA, visit the Moffett Museum.

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Parks & Nature in Silicon Valley

Spectacular views await from on the peak of the Santa Cruz Mountains begging you for an adventure outdoors.

6. Castle Rock State Park

Town: Los Gatos

5,242 acres run along the peak of the Santa Cruz mountains and into San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Fun things to do in Silicon Valley are endless when you include the massive wilderness of Castle Rock State Park. This park has a range of hikes for all experience and difficulty levels. Grab your camera and enjoy a short 20-minute hike, or tackle a 10-hour trek. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy Silicon Valley’s sensational views.

7. Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve

Town: Palo Alto

With workers, both international and California-based, looking to move to Northern California’s tech hub there’s no shortage of things to do in Silicon Valley. Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve is the region's largest undeveloped marshland, where you can admire the vast wildlife and take in the spectacular vistas. Confront outstanding hiking trails, launch your kayak from the boat launch, or simply sit and soak in the beautiful nature surrounding you.

Bask in the perks, including a stellar Japanese Garden, at Kelley Park in San Jose.

8. Kelley Park 

Town: San Jose

We attest to the adventures this San Jose attraction holds for you. As one of the most venturous things to do in Silicon Valley, Kelley Park has Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, the stunning Japanese Friendship Garden, and the Portuguese Historical Museum. With picnic-perfect lawns, screaming for a sunny day out, and an 18-hole disc golf course, make the most of your trip to this luxury-feel-evoking grassland.

Where Culture Meets Tech, Arts, And Adventure: Silicon Valley

9. The Last Spike

Town: Stanford

Leland Stanford’s honorable construction of the pivotal icon The Last Spike, and the Nevada silver spike were both personally donated to the Stanford Museum in 1898. Today you can visit the Cantor Arts Center on the Stanford University campus to catch a glimpse of the iconic constructions driven into a transcontinental rail line.

10. The Tech Interactive

Town: San Jose

Situated at the heart of San Jose, visiting The Tech Interactive is one of the best things to do in Silicon Valley. Promising children and adults a fantastically fun time. While roaming around the museum you’ll uncover fascinating exhibits-including the VR bird-flying machine, robot station, and IMAX theater.

The Computer History Museum provides a glimpse into the evolution of computer science.

11. The Computer History Museum

Town: Mountain View

If the name didn’t give it away, this museum traces the history of computer science from its onset, when computers took up an entire room, to the modern day. It contains over 90,000 tech-related items, making it one of the most well-stocked museums in the world and of the best things to do in Silicon Valley. Make sure to check out the section entirely dedicated to self-driving vehicles, which are becoming increasingly common, especially in Silicon Valley.

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