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The Top 5 Hot Springs Near San Francisco to Visit Now

The Top 5 Hot Springs Near San Francisco to Visit Now

Craving a healing cleanse from hot springs? Check out the top five hot springs near San Francisco that you visit now.


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September 05, 2021

After a long hard day, plagued by stress and responsibility, there’s perhaps no better elixir than soaking in a nice, warm bath. Well, maybe there’s one thing better—natural hot springs. Picture this, you and your friends don your favorite swimsuits, slip around the frozen pool deck until finally jumping straight into soothing 100-plus degree perfection. You can lounge for hours, just floating and talking, and even if the outside world turns colder, you know you’ll always be warm in the heat of the water. But where does one find such geothermal delights?

If you know anything about the Golden State and its countless natural wonders, you can probably guess that it boasts sensational springs. These gems often prove to be far beyond your wildest imagination, with a few in none other than the Bay Area. So join us on a transcendental journey, as we explore majestic hot springs near San Francisco.

Improving circulation, reducing stress, and boosting the immune system are a few of a hot spring's many benefits.

Health Benefits of Hot Springs 

Before we get to these S.F. gems, let's figure out what makes them so hot in the first place. With especially high mineral content, hot springs carry a number of health benefits, such as the improvement of circulation, skin infection treatment, stress reduction, and a power boost to your immune system. We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely getting ready for a dip.

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These Are The Hot Springs Near San Francisco You Should Visit Now

Relaxing and unwinding at the hot springs pool is key, where it's all about your renewal and rejuvenation.

Harbin Hot Springs Retreat & Workshop Center 

Harbin Hot Springs, boasting 5,000 acres of a private retreat, takes the concept of escaping it all to a whole new level. Whatever your preference may be (room, private cottage, dorm, or camping ground), Harbin has you covered. Fun fact: their hot springs are recognized as one of the oldest in San Francisco—and in the Golden State for that matter. 

Guests travel to Harbin from all over the world to put technology aside and immerse themselves in an atmosphere of rest and relaxation. It isn’t difficult to imagine how an area enveloped by meadows, hills, and canyons serves as a sort of nature’s “pick-me-up” for visitors, but it’s Harbin’s springs that really take the cake. The natural, tranquil, clothing-optional spring-fed pools can be found during professional bodywork treatments, hill hikes, yoga classes, and more.

Steep Ravine Hot Springs 

Just across Golden Gate Bridge in sparkling Marin County is Steep Ravine Hot Springs—the remedy to all of your daily stressors. Make sure it’s low tide before hiking down to the springs, which are nestled between the Steep Ravine Cabins and the sandy Stinson Beach. And though your hike is already going to have the hues rolling in, it isn't until you're able to soak in the warm salty waters that you’ll truly begin to appreciate the splendor around you. The white sand will glimmer under the fading sunlight, as you begin your journey out of this dimension and into one where lapping waves are your melodic music.

If you ever want to prolong your stay ("justifiable" would be an understatement), the nearby Steep Ravine Cabins offers excellent small cabins for rent. It's located near Mt. Tamalpais. You’ll also find a campground with tables, a food locker, a fire pit, and a place to pitch a tent if that's more your speed. Regardless of what you choose, Steep Ravine Cabins is a stone's throw away from the springs themselves and makes for a beautiful retreat for a longer outdoor adventure.

Soak, soak, soak away in the hot springs. Let all your worries go as you relax and cleanse your body, soul, and mind.

Vichy Springs Resort 

‘Feel a million miles from your cares, and your heart will sing a new song’— this is a quote from Vichy Spring Resort’s 1914 brochure. And even now, nearly 107 years later, not much has changed. One of the best natural hot springs near San Francisco, Vichy Springs Resort brings you the best of both worlds; a quaint country inn and a mineral wonderland. It offers one of the only naturally warm and carbonated “Vichy” minerals in North America; hence the name, in case you haven’t already guessed.

The dazzling 700-acre private premises almost begs you to stay and explore for more than one night, and Vichy Springs has just the thing for it. Beautiful rooms and cottages are available to rent, with many facing the manicured gardens. Included in the room rates are the full use of the “Vichy” mineral baths (day or night), a hot soaking pool, a seasonal Olympic size swimming pool, and ample space to wander and hike.

Take a break from your day-to-day life and let the hot spring take your worries away.

Orr Hot Springs Resort 

Kick things off with a luxe and cushy springs experience at the Orr Hot Springs Resort. Offering guests cozy accommodations either in yurts, cottages, or in the main lodge, the resort truly puts an upscale spin on an otherwise outdoorsy indulgence. However, Orr Hot Springs still makes a point of ensuring your closeness to nature, with a "no noisy electronics" rule and only basic accommodation provided. If you need things like towels, robes, food, flashlights, biodegradable soap, or shampoo, then it's on you to pack those items.

Now onto the springs themselves. They're spread across the headwaters of Big River (that's almost 27 acres of land you can potentially have all to yourself) and can be found both outdoors and indoors at the bathhouses—bucolic meets luxury anyone?

Golden Haven Hot Springs Spa & Resort 

Nestled in the heart of Golden State's wine country, Golden Haven Hot Springs has only the purest, most natural mineral water from the geothermal aquifer running underneath their spas— which are to die for, by the way. In fact, keeping things natural is at the heart of everything Golden Haven does, with even the tiles in their pools reflecting the one-of-a-kind minerals used in their procedures.

Since Calistoga is famous for its natural hot springs and mud baths, it was only logical for Golden Haven to create an opportunity for you to enjoy both. Swim in their hot springs pool, relax on the sun deck or book the infamous couple’s treatment—a soothing massage that comes with transformative herbal facials you’ll be dreaming of for a very long time after.

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