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Where to Hammock in California

Where to Hammock in California

These hanging beds give the feeling of being hugged by a cloud; nothing’s better than lounging in one with a great read and feel-good music.


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July 08, 2021

You don’t have to hop on a plane or even leave your neighborhood to get a taste of those vacay vibes. With the right furniture and decor, you can transform your home into a relaxing sanctuary for unforgettable staycations. The secret ingredient? Cozy hammocks. These hanging beds give the feeling of being hugged by a cloud; nothing’s better than lounging in one with a great read and feel-good music.

Alternatively, hammocking can also be a great way to explore the great outdoors and revel in Mother Nature’s glory. And she’s been exceptionally kind to the Golden State, where countless hidden—and not-so-hidden—gems await your swing.

Some people want diamond rings, we just want a hammock. The best part is that there are so many types of hammocks to get your swinging through life.

Types of Hammocks 

Before we tell you where the hammocking hotspots are, here’s an overview of the different types of hammocks for every mood. 

Kootek Parachute Camping Hammock

This hammock is a camping essential. Amazon’s best-selling kootek camping hammock is made of durable parachute fabric, meaning it’s resistant to dirt, tears, as well as fraying. The tree straps included can be adjusted to your preferred height—you also won’t be damaging any trees in the process of setting up.

Hammock in the air like you just don’t care... and relax. If you're looking for us, we'll be in our hammocks.

Brazilian Double Hammock

Plain white cotton, blue and green stripes, red and orange patterns—these were styles used by native artisans of Northeastern Brazil. Skip the airfare to Brazil and simply lounge in this hanging chair made of tightly woven cotton. With more than eight feet of actual stretching space, you’ll be cradled in a cocoon of coziness.

Classic Rope 

This one’s for the traditionalists. Made of all-weather, three-ply Duracord rope, this type of hammock gives you all the natural support you need. A lattice design ensures strength and durability, while the hardwood spreader bars help keep your hammock nice and flat—no human-taco feel with this one.

Imagine this: it's the perfect summer day, you're out of town, you brought your hammock with your, and you set it up by the largest tree. Heavenly.

Anyoo Outdoor Hammock

Anyoo hammocks are made of tightly woven cotton and provide the softest feel ever. This hammock is usually more than nine feet long, has a bed of seven feet, and gives you plenty of space to stretch out. It’s quite similar to the Brazilian hammock style-wise, with the exception of one cool upgrade—this one features 13 different color combinations including red and yellow stripe, royal blue, white and blue stripes, and warm shades of orange.

Mojave Hammock

As seen on Shark Tank, the Mojave Hammock lends itself perfectly to the nap of your dreams. Handwoven with triple-weave construction, this hammock combines 150,000 loops together in a really cozy experience. Available in a striped pattern with khaki, millennial pink, and burnt orange, these eye-catching designs from Yellow Leaf are bound to stand out at any barbeque party.

Mesh hammocks are the most IG-worthy ones for your minimalist aesthetic. BRB, just in my hammock. #CliffHanger

Mesh Hammock

Looking for a portable hammock to take on a road trip? Opt for the mesh hammock, an easy-to-pack hanging bed made from lightweight honeycomb. Its built-in drawstring pouch makes it an excellent accomplice to that summer getaway you swore you’d pack light for, plus, this hammock has adjustable hooks. This means you can set up camp basically anywhere, choose the height that suits your needs, and unwind in comfort and sturdy support.

As for the comfiest hammock of them all, the Y-Stop hammock chair is the winner. When in doubt, hammock it out.

Y-Stop Hammock Chair 

Y-Stop takes the comfort of a hammock chair and raises the bar with a padded hanging seat. Made of polyester and cotton, this hanging swing chair is both soft and durable. There’s a spreader bar that gives you a place to swing, and the hammock’s seat can be stretched out or scrunched up, depending on what position works better for you. The set comes with two pillows, a rope, a hook, and a bag to hold all of your extra gear.

Where to Hammock in California

Tent or Hammock? It has become one of the most asked questions for backcountry backpackers and national park visitors over the past few years.

Sequoia National Park 

Renowned for its sky-piercing trees, canyons, and mountain ranges, Sequoia National Park is one of the top places to hammock in California. The towering giants are spread across the 1,353-square-mile park, shielding you from the scorching sun, and—to the delight of hammocking enthusiasts—creating wonderful opportunities to set up camp. Due to the trees’ density and proximity, stringing across a hammock will require little to no effort, even if you’re doing so across a river.

Sunset Cliffs

If the name isn’t enough of a hint already, Sunset Cliffs is the place to watch the sun sink into the horizon. The only way to level up this San Diego experience is to bring a hammock along. Your best bet for finding the ideal spot is at the southern point of Sunset Cliffs—ocean views guaranteed. And if for some reason you can’t manage to get there at sunset, don’t worry, you can splash around during the daytime until the last bits of light dim. 

Hammocks and the beach go hand-in-hand, and life’s a beach when you have a hammock. All we want is someone to hold us like a hammock does.

La Jolla 

Visitors flocking to the Jewel of San Diego have no shortage of hammocking options between Windandsea Beach and La Jolla Cove. The coastal paradise has so many scenic overlooks that you’ll just want to relish every moment—and preferably sway in the air while doing so. An all-time favorite of hammocking aficionados is Scripps Pier, a boat launch site with great views and easy access to the stretch of sand below.

Modoc National Forest

Hammocking is a hobby that can be taken anywhere, so why not pack up and head to Modoc National Forest? This rugged beauty boasts over 20 campsites brimming with lush greenery, tall trees, and much-needed peace of mind. The Blue Lake Campground is by far the most popular, with crystal-blue waters serving as the perfect backdrop as you unwind listening to your favorite camping tunes.

Stroll down the path along the Pacific Ocean and find some trees to hang your hammock in Coronado Island.

Coronado Island 

Drive over the Coronado Bridge to arrive at this San Diego gem. The historic homes at Coronado Island are stunning, and the vistas—both of the Pacific and Downtown San Diego—are bound to take your breath away. Walk down the pathway along the ocean at the Navy Base, find the perfect tree, hang your hammock, and contemplate if San Diego is just the most perfect place on earth.

Yosemite National Forest

Miles of hiking trails take you to hidden paths across Yosemite National Park. With mirrored lakes, breathtaking landscapes, and cascading waterfalls, Yosemite is a hammocking enthusiast’s Disneyland. Set up camp either at the Sunrise High Sierra or the Yosemite Creek Campground and watch the vistas flowing in.

Where to buy Hammocks in California 

A California staycation requires a colorful hammock, and Yellow Leaf Hammocks is here to provide you with the best products.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

The story of how Yellow Leaf Hammocks came about is really impressive. The co-founder of the soon-to-be company, Joe, was on a motorcycle vacation in Thailand, when the absence of a place to sleep led him to countless huts with handwoven hammocks. In an aim to discover the most comfortable among the hanging beds, Joe tested out and eventually got hooked on the craft. Now a Shark Tank-certified company, Yellow Leaf provides you with utmost comfort and ensures it with professional precision. 

Swings and Things San Diego

From lightweight backpacking to creating a backyard oasis, Swings and Things are here to make your dreams come true. The San Diego-based company offers you products that are quality tested—yes, that does mean the staff naps on them—and ships it to wherever you are in the country. With the help of the styling guide, you can find a hammock that suits your needs, whether it’s a hanging lounger, hammock chair, or stand.

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