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The 7 Best Healthy Restaurants in San Francisco

The 7 Best Healthy Restaurants in San Francisco

On the hunt for delicious, yet healthy meals? Make sure to check out the 7 best healthy restaurants in San Francisco.

Ella Zamani


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October 01, 2022

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Are you an avid believer of eating healthy but find it challenging to do so when dining out? Worry not while you’re in California, because living a healthy lifestyle here is quite doable. Better yet, the city by the Bay is recognized as the healthiest city in America, so you can easily feast on healthy eats and enjoy it, too.

Regardless of your dietary restrictions, San Francisco offers the best healthy restaurants and food that cater to all dietary needs. The next time you’re exploring S.F., stop by these delicious restaurants—there’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure if it’s healthy.


Palmetto Superfoods Acai Bowl will make you feel rejuvenated and fresh!

If you can’t get enough of açaí bowls, then Palmetto Superfoods is the place for you. Voted the best in San Francisco and featured on Food Fest Live, Palmetto’s açaí bowls are plant-based and naturally sweetened, so you won't have to worry about added sugar or juice. The açaí used is pure and antioxidant-rich, imported straight from the Amazon (talk about life-changing). The best part: if you’re not feeling like ordering a signature bowl you can get in touch with your creative spirit by building your own.

In 2019, Palmetto opened its first location on Clement Street in San Francisco. Due to its success, Palmetto now has two locations, with three others opening soon across the Bay Area (so you’ll have more opportunities to feast like a beast on this healthy breakfast food). And if you’re in a rush, they offer takeout!

What to order: 

The Bay Blend, made with four different bases, (açaí, pitaya, coconut, and blue chia pudding) topped with vegan granola, fresh fruit, almond butter, and honey.


Nourish your body and soul with some delicious healthy foods.

Continuing on with the list of healthy restaurants in San Francisco, Nourish Cafe is a plant-based eatery with two locations within The Bay Area. The cafe only uses organic whole foods, non-GMO ingredients, natural sweeteners, and minimal oils when crafting its meals. This healthy venue offers salads, smoothies, sandwiches, açaí bowls, and baked goods. The food tastes divine, but it’ll also transform your body and mind.

Founders Sarah Bacon and Brighton Miller founded this incredible woman-owned business in 2015. Brighton Miller is the cafe's professionally trained head chef—you’ll find her at one of Nourish’s two San Francisco locations. The duo is dedicated to clean eating, and sharing that with others through the creation of healthy foods.

What to Order: 

Bap Bowl/Wrap or a protein-filled bowl or wrap, with jasmine brown rice, marinated tofu, avocado, and vegetables, seasoned to perfection.


Power Bowls will get you going for the entire day!

Operating in both San Francisco and Oakland, Kitava is a gluten-free restaurant that emphasizes clean eating without compromise. This healthy spot in S.F. uses locally-sourced sustainable ingredients, pasture-raised meats, safe cooking oils, and whole foods to prepare meals that are both delicious and healthy. 

Founders Jeff Knobs and Bryan Tublin believe in the mission that a healthy diet is the essence of life. They’re driven to make healthy food accessible, so Kitava delivers all throughout San Francisco. The next time you’re craving a healthy meal for dinner, you’ll know where to order from.

What to Order:

The Power Bowl is the most popular item on the menu. Munch on mixed greens, quinoa, sweet potato, avocado, veggies, roasted pepper, and walnut spread, and sunflower seeds, topped with tahini dill dressing.


These Mexican Corn Cakes will definitely satisfy your palates.

Wildseed is Adriano Paganini's healthy, plant-based restaurant located on San Francisco’s iconic Union Street. Surrounded by beautiful botanical gardens, Wildseed provides a serene scene for any meal. This healthy restaurant values the importance of seasonal eating and offers delectable meals exclusively from California’s freshest and most seasonal produce.

Whether you’re in the mood for lunch, brunch, or dinner, Wildseed has got you covered. Sample beet poke and the reset salad, or indulge in spicy sausage pizza. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Wildseed can cater to your every craving. If you have a sweet tooth, you’re in luck. Savor the scrumptious warm chocolate-beet cake or Meyer lemon agave cheesecake—you’ll feel pure bliss.

What to Order:

The Mexican Corn Cakes are perfect to share; take a bite out of these perfectly seasoned, crispy yet flaky delights.


Dig into one of the healthiest foods you will ever get the chance to eat!

Beloved Cafe is a healthy, organic, plant-based restaurant and juice/tea bar in San Francisco’s iconic Mission District. The cafe’s menu consists of nourishing eats, superfood smoothies, bowls, wholesome sweets, and a wide variety of health-conscious drinks. From stuffed delicata squash and dal soup to healthy glow bowls and raw vegan cheesecake, Beloved Cafe has everything you could dream of. As already mentioned, good food in San Francisco is not hard to come by!

The Beloved Cafe is about so much more than just food —it’s a completely revitalizing experience as you nourish your mind, body, and soul. Still wondering why you should check out Beloved Cafe? The company also donates to organizations that advocate for economic justice and work to provide access to life-changing medical procedures and devices, preserve marine life, and promote free meditation instruction.

What to Order:

The Citrus Hazelnut Salad is highly recommended—kale, carrots, sprouts, oranges, toasted hazelnuts, and dried figs tossed in an apple cider vinaigrette—what’s not to love?


Did you know that chickpeas are one of the healthiest ingredients in the world?

Ben's Fast Food is fast food place reimagined. Located in San Francisco’s artistic SoMA district, it’s the perfect spot to savor slow-roasted protein bowls without breaking the bank. Having grown up in the Central Valley where the only reasonably-priced food was fast food, Ben was inspired to create a restaurant that served the most nutritious and affordable fast food possible. The goal of this establishment is to make healthy wholesome food for all people.

Both healthy and delicious, the signature bowls will leave you craving more. Whether it’s chickpeas, chicken, or pork shoulder that you’re after, you won’t be disappointed when ordering from Ben’s. After munching on a bowl full of healthy veggies, savory chicken, rice, and greens you’ll be ready to conquer anything. What are you waiting for? This healthy San Francisco spot is waiting for you!

What to Order: 

The signature slow-roasted chickpeas potato bowl is the best. Protein-rich and deliciously slow-roasted with extra virgin olive oil and seasoning, this hearty bowl is perfection.


Refresh you mind and body with a healthy salad for lunch.

In the mood for something refreshing, green, and delicious? Mixt is all about crafting salads, sandwiches, and grain bowls using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. Not feeling like a salad? Create your own plate instead! Select either herb-roasted chicken breast or steelhead and choose your favorite healthy side.

The meals are well-balanced and nutritious and will make you feel fantastic. After indulging in the Zesty or Pacifica bowl, you’ll be ready to take on the challenges of the day. Mixt’s menu has options for everyone—don’t see anything you like? Just create your own bowl or salad to your liking. Founded in San Francisco by Leslie and David Silverglide in 2005, the chain has since spread throughout California and is also in Scottsdale, Arizona.

What to Order: 

The Mixt Caesar salad is a classic, but it's still delicious and nutritious, one of the best San Francisco healthy foods. Consisting of romaine hearts, shaved parmesan, avocado, radishes, croutons, herbs, and of course their delectable dressing, this is a salad you won't want to miss.

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