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All You Need to Know About the Rental Market in Sacramento
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All You Need to Know About the Rental Market in Sacramento

Students, young professionals, and families are swapping life in bustling metropolises and moving to this farm-to-fork wonderland.


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December 16, 2021

The rental market in Sacramento is undergoing an energetic resurgence. Students, young professionals, and big families searching for an urban vibe are swapping life in bustling metropolises and moving to this low-key farm-to-fork wonderland—and we totally get them. Where else are you going to get to rub shoulders with award-winning chefs at farmers markets, window shop at trendy boutiques (which seem to pop up on every corner by the way), and get to live in the most charming Victorian-era abodes imaginable? The State Capital truly has it all.

Is the Sacramento housing market shaping up to continue the trend of the last few years as one of the hottest markets in California?

Renting in Sacramento 101

Sacramento found itself among the top cities in the nation experiencing significant rent hikes in 2020. This surge in rental costs can be attributed to the post-pandemic shift, with individuals seeking refuge from the bustling life of metropolises like San Francisco, favoring the more spacious and less populated environs of Sacramento. This migration pattern has led to an unusual phenomenon in traditionally high-rent areas like San Francisco, where rents have started to dip, a rarity for the Bay Area akin to spotting the mythical Loch Ness Monster.

The demand for living spaces in Sacramento, the State Capital, has outpaced the available housing inventory, further fueling the upward trajectory of rental prices. As of September 20, 2021, data revealed that the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Sacramento remained steady at $1,425, showing no change from the year before. However, two-bedroom apartments witnessed an 8% rise in rental costs, reaching an average of $1,780, underscoring the growing demand and the competitive rental market in the area.

If you’re considering Sacramento real estate investment, the diverse rental market is a definite plus.

Most Affordable Neighborhoods To Rent in Sacramento

While always subject to change, Sacramento’s most affordable neighborhoods include Garland (average rent for about $895 a month), East Del Paso Heights ($ 1,195 a month), and South Hagginwood ($1,195 a month). Due to their affordability, expect to see a lot of students and young professionals in these neighborhoods, which, as you might have already guessed, also boast the cheapest rooms you can rent in Sacramento.

Priciest Neighborhoods to Find a Sacramento Rental

The city’s downtown has rent tags that go up to $3,143 a month—this is where you’ll find the most luxurious apartments to rent in Sacramento. Natomas Crossing comes at a close second, with the median rent prices at around $2,726 every month. And third is Elmhurst, where you would be expected to pay an average of $2,583 a month.

Sacramento is home to several universities, allowing you to rent to the relatively large student market in addition to the local population.

What You Should do Before Putting Your Apartment for Rent in Sacramento

Prospective owners always want to know what they should get done to score top dollar for their rental property, and it’s always an important inquiry—if you can earn as much as you can, why shouldn’t you? All you need to do is transform your living space to its highest Pinterest-worthy potential and remember that this is not a seller’s guide; a renter needs to have an idea of what living in this Sacramento apartment really feels like. Here are a few things you can (and should) do.

Give the Property a Fresh Paint Makeover

Revamping your space with a new paint job can instantly elevate its appeal, creating a clean and inviting atmosphere. However, when selecting hues, consider leaning towards more understated tones. While vibrant colors and following the latest trends can be tempting, they might not resonate with everyone. The key is to create a backdrop that allows potential tenants to envision themselves making the space their own. Soft, muted shades, like gentle whites, can work wonders in achieving this effect. Imagine the challenge for your tenants in visualizing their family or guests in a room painted in bold, unconventional colors, which might also make coordinating their furnishings a bit of a puzzle. Advice from experienced real estate professionals echoes this sentiment: when preparing a property for the rental market, especially in places like Sacramento, opting for neutral palettes can significantly enhance its appeal.

Sacramento was on the nation’s top 10 list of rent increases in 2020. More people are moving out of big cities and heading toward surrounding areas.

Eliminate Personal Clutter 

While it may be a tough pill to swallow for those who love to surround themselves with personal treasures, a minimalist approach can work wonders for a rental property. It's not necessary to display everyday items like mail on the countertops or to adorn every wall and surface with photos and frames. Clearing away the personal clutter, especially from areas like the bathroom, and ensuring that beds are neatly made can make a significant difference. When potential tenants are viewing your property, a less cluttered space can help them better visualize themselves living there, making "less is more" a guiding principle to follow.

Pay Close Attention to Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms often take center stage in the eyes of potential tenants, particularly those with a passion for culinary adventures. Ensuring these spaces are not only equipped with the necessary appliances but also maintained in pristine condition is crucial. The strategy of opting for neutral tones, as mentioned earlier, holds true for these areas as well, creating a welcoming and adaptable environment. While a full-scale renovation of the kitchen may not be required just for a showing, minor enhancements and updates can significantly boost the appeal of your property.

The transition is driving rental prices up in counties like Sacramento, while rent in areas like San Francisco is going down.

Manageable Yards and Landscaping

Having a spacious yard and delightful fruit trees might seem like features that would allow you to ask for a higher rent, particularly appealing to those looking to purchase a home. Yet, when it comes to renters, the enthusiasm for maintaining such green spaces, especially fruit-bearing trees, can be notably lower. A larger outdoor area often translates to increased maintenance responsibilities and costs, potentially necessitating professional gardening services to keep everything in top shape. What you might perceive as a property enhancement could inadvertently limit your pool of prospective tenants, possibly appealing more to larger families who are willing to embrace the upkeep of a substantial outdoor space.

The market for the Right Season

Introducing a property with a pool during Sacramento's sunny summer months can undoubtedly make a splash with potential tenants, offering an enticing vision of relaxed poolside days. However, this appealing feature might not hold the same allure as the weather turns cooler. In the winter months, it's strategic to highlight different aspects of the home, such as cozy fireplaces, secure garages, and energy-efficient appliances, which promise warmth and efficiency, appealing to those looking to avoid steep energy costs in the colder season.

There is not a whole bunch of rental property inventory out there, which is driving the prices up in Sacramento.

Make Your Property Pop

When listing your apartment for rent in Sacramento, paramount above all is ensuring the cleanliness of your space. Imagine the standards you'd expect from a hotel room upon arrival; the immediate assessment is often the level of cleanliness. Just as you wouldn't appreciate stepping into a room that seems freshly vacated without proper cleaning, your prospective tenants share the same sentiment. Strive to present your property as welcoming, well-ventilated, and meticulously maintained, mirroring the freshness one desires in a new home.

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