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What to Do in Placer County: NorCal’s Vibrant Region

What to Do in Placer County: NorCal’s Vibrant Region

Placer County is painted with rich farmlands, lush forests, and shimmering lakes. Here's what to do in this vibrant NorCal region.


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July 03, 2022

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The County of Placer is somewhere you may have heard of, but where is Placer County located exactly and what is there to do here? Spanning from centrally based Roseville, through historic Gold Country, to the rocky shores of Lake Tahoe, Placer County is painted with rich farmlands, lush forests, and shimmering lakes. The county’s diverse geography stretches through a variety of ecosystems—from the urban regions in the southwest, across the mining towns of the rolling foothills, through the world-famous satsuma mandarin orchards, and up into the High Sierra Mountains of Lake Tahoe—encompassing a cornucopia of opportunities for outdoor aficionados, shopping enthusiasts, and culinary connoisseurs. Placer County is a strong contender for the best places to move to for the youth. 

There is an infinite amount of fun things to discover in Placerville, you will not be disappointed when visiting this small city.

Take a walk down old town Auburn 

The charming old Town Auburn is where you will find interesting things to do.

Auburn may be a tiny town, extending less than 60 square miles, but it holds the county seat of Placer County California, and is recognized by many names around the world. Distinguished by the larger-than-life Gold Miner statue, Auburn’s Old Town welcomes visitors into its sleepy hamlet. Patrons immerse themselves in the eclectic assortment of vintage shops, quaint eateries, enrapturing bookstores, and historic landmarks. More daring individuals, however, take on new challenges in the “Endurance Capital of the World”, where white-water rafting, bouldering, horseback riding, hiking, cycling, and stand-up paddleboarding are just a few of the athletic feats available for the strong of heart.

On each side of Auburn’s unique offerings lie hundreds of miles of national forests, calming lakes, mountainous landscapes, and unlimited possibilities for outdoor adventure. Kayak down the American River, hike through the ombre-toned forest, sip Mediterranean-style beverages produced in the region, and relax with a good book, all in the course of a single day in Placer County. For a landscape so unique, there is no off-season opportunity; from rafting in the spring and boating in the summer, to snowboarding at Donner Summit’s alpine ski resorts in the winter, there is always the chance to try something new.

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The Antique Trove

After checking out the unique town of Auburn, the Antique Trove is a great place to continue your Placer County, C.A. adventure. Visit one of Northern California’s greatest displays of rare and vintage antiques, a sight to behold for all vintage enthusiasts. All the pieces are presented in 40 000 square feet of vignettes, with over 250 different shop owners. There is also an outdoor section of the Antique Trove you can shop at called the Antique Village, which has well over 10 000 square feet of space.

You are sure to stumble upon a unique piece to spice up your personal spaces and serve as a physical memory of the day you spent in Placer County. From rustic iron, garden furniture, and metal sculptures, the Antique Trove is definitely worth checking out while you are in the area.

Placer County Historical Museum

Placer County Historical Museum is the ideal place for history lovers, filled with memories and events of the past. Visit the Historical Museum for an overview of Placer County’s history, depicting events from all the way back to the Nisenan inhabitants of the second half of the 20th century. It is also home to the Placer County Gold collection along with the widely known Pate collection of American Indian artifacts, and an original painting of Thomas Kinkade titled the “Auburn Centennial”. Admission to the Placer County Historical Museum is free and is definitely worth checking out while you are in the area. 

Savor the fresh ingredients of the restaurants

Eating local has become quite the trend nowadays, and if you are also a fan of these fresh ingredients, Placer County is the place for you. Almost all the restaurants in this county serve their food farm-to-table, meaning that was made with local ingredients harvested from farms nearby. This comes as no surprise as Placer County is surrounded by farmland, and the fresh and in-season ingredients that come from them are sure to enhance your dining experience by a long shot!

There is an infinite amount of options to choose from, but if you are visiting during the wintertime, the Bar & Grill restaurant is where you will find comfort in your foods, from Wagyu Cheeseburgers to soups and salads, and you will be more than satisfied.

Another option for visitors of the warmer seasons is the 105 Noshery, where design meets delicious food. With high-quality vendors and unique dishes, this restaurant is certain to leave a lasting impression on your pallet.

Farmer’s Markets 

Grab some of the freshest ingredients you can find at the farmer’s markets in Placer County.

After getting a taste of these deliciously fresh ingredients, heading over to the farmer’s markets is a great idea. Placer County is always brimming with farmer’s markets, and the amazing thing is that you will be able to find one at any time of the year.

PlacerGrown has a great number of these markets dotted all around the county, every one of them offering a wide variety of freshly harvested ingredients you can take home with you and savor after your trip is over.

Art Scenes and fairs

Placer County’s vibrant art scene is a must-see, with so many artists expressing their talents and creativity all throughout the region, it is truly inspiring to see. With various types of performing arts such as concerts, hip hop, dancing, symphonies, and poetry, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to the art scene of the beautiful Placer County.

The Placer County fair is the best place to start when visiting in the summertime, the perfect activity for some fun with the family. The fair goes on for four days, with shows, rides, and other performances that will make your visit to the Placer County fair all worth it.

Head over to Placerville for some fun 

Let the welcoming energy of Placerville draw you in for a unique day out in the state of California.

A little farther away from Placer County is Placerville, a city littered with hidden gems for you to discover. There are a lot of things to do in Placerville, and visiting Hangtown’s Gold Bug Park is among them. Travel back in the 1800s as you experience the gold rush of the time by discovering the two main operational gold mines of the past. Guided tours are available, but you can also explore the park at your own pace with your family. 

Another note-worthy activity is going to the Community Observatory where you will be able to gaze up at the sky and discover the wonders of outer space. Using their solar telescopes you can even look up at the sky during the day without fear of the sun’s rays harming your eyes.

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