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Nut-Free Snacks To Munch On Made in the Golden State

Nut-Free Snacks To Munch On Made in the Golden State

Take a good look around you and you’ll go nuts over all the snacking options California throws at you.

Roubina Al Abashian


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August 04, 2021

You found a snack you like and have been sticking with it for a while now—not because you’re satisfied, but because you think you’re out of options. That’s probably how a lot of people with nut allergies feel. But hey, this is the Golden State, and here, the sky's the limit when it comes to options.

Take a good look around you and you’ll go nuts over all the snacking options California throws at you. You’ll never feel like you’re missing out on all the movie snacks and 15-minute work breaks anymore—these nut-free snacks are going to get you hooked. 

Healthy Nut-Free Snacks 

Get your energy levels up with nut-free and guilt-free energy bars from No Nuts!

1. Energy Bars From No Nuts! 

Based in: Camarillo

No Nuts! offers energy bars that’ll become your go-to snack in no time, and let us tell you why. The bars are not only nut-free, they’re also dairy and completely guilt-free. Prepared to get pumped up with energy, whether you have these as a snack or as a pre-workout. And honestly, even if you’re not allergic, these energy bars should be on every person’s list.

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You have four flavors to choose from—chocolate chip, lemon creme, blueberry and vanilla, and caramel mocha. The bars are loaded with flavor; they’ll definitely have your cravings in check.

Order your next favorite snack from No Nuts! online and munch on them whenever you host a fun game night with your friends. 

2. Kids Bars From This Saves Lives 

Based in: Culver City

If your child is allergic to nuts, temptations are everywhere, and you’re constantly on the lookout for nut-free snacks for kids. Well, search no longer.

This Saves Lives—co-founded by actors Kristin Bell, Todd Grinnell, Ravi Patel, and Ryan Devlin—offers a variety of peanut-free snacks. The kids’ bars are literally life-saving. One bite out of these tasty bars, and your youngsters will successfully fight their cravings for regular candy. From honey oat, apple crisp, and s’mores blast to chocolate chip and strawberry, each product is allergen tested and made in a peanut-free facility. These bars are extremely healthy, delicious, and help fight malnutrition worldwide. 

30 years ago, RW and Margaret set out to make the best tortilla chip the world has ever known—healthy and irresistible.

3. MixtBag Tortilla Chips From RW Garcia

Based in: Scotts Valley

The MixtBag Tortilla Chips from RW Garcia are the perfect combination of decadence, crunch, and aesthetics—and yes, we’re talking about tortillas here without exaggeration. 

Besides being a healthy nut-free snack, these tortilla chips are kosher, verified non-GMO, certified gluten, and trans fat-free. The tortillas come in three flavors: yellow and blue corn, veggie and white corn, and cheesy nacho. Stack your house with as many bags as possible for healthy and fun snacks in between meals. And in case you were still suspicious, all RW Garcia products are made in a nut and peanut-free facility.

4. Potato Ridges from PopChips 

Based in: Los Angeles

Heads up, binge-snackers with a nut allergy: We bring you a worthy addition to your list of snacks, potato ridges from Popchips. Not only are these super crunchy and yummy, but they’re also healthy—goodbye binge-snacking guilt!

Popchips’ potato ridges are nut and gluten-free, NON-GMO, and contain only 120 calories per serving. Did we mention that they’re not fried? These come in three flavors: cheddar and sour cream, buffalo ranch, and tangy barbeque. 

Gummies from California Gummy Bears are the definition of fruitilicious, and they are allergen-free.

5. Gummies from California Gummy Bears

Based in: Los Angeles

Looking to munch on fruitilicious peanut-free snacks? California Gummy Bears has a large and colorful collection of some of the best gummies you’re ever going to have. Made exclusively with California-grown fresh fruits, these sweet treats will make you feel like you’re in a tropical wonderland.

The candies come in 10 different flavors—cherry, raspberry, strawberry, pink grapefruit, tangerine, mango, peach, lime, blueberry, and grape. And if you want a little bit of everything, the gummy bears come in mixed packages as well, depending on your taste and liking.

Top Places to Get Nut-Free Food

Every sushi bite at Shojin Organic and Natural has the ability to take you into food paradise.

1. Shojin Organic and Natural

Location: 12406 Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles

333 South Alameda Street, #310 Los Angeles

Shojin Organic and Natural is a classy and cozy Japanese restaurant located in Downtown L.A. The food here is beyond magical and prepared with so much care. Entering this restaurant, you’ll get rid of all of your unhealthy eating habits and replace them with the healthiest, most delicious dishes. Every dish is allergen-friendly—no more asking the waiter whether or not they have nut-free food. Give their sushi platters a try; we promise that you’ll be returning soon.

2. Real Food Daily

Location: 899 East Del Mar Boulevard, Pasadena

414 North La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles

There’s a reason why California is the ideal place to go vegan, and it’s due to the abundance of variety. For all vegans who are also allergic to nuts, Real Food Daily is about to become your favorite spot. Since it was established in 1993, the vegan restaurant has built a community of loyal customers who keep returning to enjoy authentic and organic food. Plan a date here and indulge in their mouth-watering dishes without having to cheat on your lifestyle. The nut-free real food burger and jackfruit street tacos are insanely good—bon appetit!

Indulge in your favorite sweets from Sensitive Sweets, without worrying about them containing nuts.

3. Sensitive Sweets 

Location: 17431 Brookhurst Street, Fountain Valley

Sensitive Sweets doesn’t only offer peanut-free foods, but the bakery is completely allergen-friendly. From cakes and cupcakes to cookies and pastries, this bakery is every food-sensitive person’s haven. What makes Sensitive Sweets unique is its combination of flavorsome treats, beautiful designs, and great customer service. Order their bread box and six-pack muffins—they smell like home.

4. Smitten Ice Cream 

Location: 432 Octavia Street, San Francisco

2404 California Street, San Francisco

904 Valencia Street, San Francisco

5800 College Avenue, Oakland

3055 Olin Avenue Suite 1055, San Jose

Are you having trouble finding an ice cream brand that’s both yummy and allergy-friendly? There’s one shop that’s going to blow your mind. Smitten Ice Cream is what our dreams are made of—creamy, delectable, nut and dairy-free. If you want to try their number-one flavor, opt for the American pie and passionfruit ice creams. Before purchasing a scoop, do mention that you’re allergic, as not all flavors are nut-free. With several locations in the Bay Area, you’re never too far away from a nut-free treat

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