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9 Things To Do In San Bernardino

9 Things To Do In San Bernardino

Wondering how to spend your vacay in San Bernardino? Worry not, because we've got you. Check out these nine things to do now.


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August 29, 2021

San Bernardino is rich in history, cultural diversity, and widely beautiful natural scenery. Influences of Native Americans, Mexican settlers, and Spanish missionaries can still be seen today, iconic landmarks in California's history remain to be discovered, and beautiful parks and forests await exploration by eager visitors. There are plenty of things to do in San Bernardino for first time visitors; to get the most out of your trip, here’s everything you need to add to your getaway itinerary.

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Fun Things to Do in San Bernardino

1. Drive in through Route 66

One of the factors San Bernardino is most known for is its location along the iconic Route 66. Therefore, the first activity on your itinerary of things to do in San Bernardino Ca lies in the journey itself! Don’t undermine the cool sights and stops along the way to San Bernardino, and definitely do put aside enough time to check out all the quirky roadside attractions on Route 66. The Wigwam Motel is one of said iconic attractions (perfect for an overnight layover), but there are also many more to check out.

When roaming the majestic Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art, stop by the Egyptian artifacts section.

2. Check out the Egyptian artifacts at the Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art 

The Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art is home to a truly impressive collection of art and historical relics from different time periods and cultures from around the world. But, perhaps the most famous collection at the museum is the 200 or so Ancient Egyptian artifacts on permanent display. If you’re a history buff yourself, visiting this museum should be a must on your list of things to do in San Bernardino—the experience certainly won’t be anything short of impressive.

What better way to spend your day than by connecting to the earth at the San Bernardino National Forest?

3. Spend a Day at the San Bernardino National Forest

Undeniably one of the most beautiful forests in California, the San Bernardino National Forest has so much to offer to its visitors. From concentrations of desert palms to snow-peaked mountains, you’ll experience it all at this vastly gorgeous destination.

Trek the best San Bernardino National Forest hiking trails such as the Pine Knot Trail, the Heart Rock Trail, and the Castle Rock Trail; admire the majestic mountain ranges like the San Gabriel Mountains and the San Jacinto Mountains; enjoy fishing, camping, swimming and more activities, and don’t forget to check out the waterfalls in San Bernardino. If you’re down for an epic backpacking trip in California, the San Bernardino National Forest might just be one of the best places to go to.

4. Visit the First Ever McDonald’s Restaurant

According to the McDonald’s Corporation, the official location of the first ever McDonald’s joint is in Des Plaines, Illinois. But, the location of the actual first restaurant started by the McDonald brothers is in none other than San Bernardino, California.

Owned by Albert Okura—who also owns the desert ghost town of Amboy—the first McDonalds operates today as a sort of an unofficial museum. Check out this San Bernardino thing to do if you’re interested in toys, signs, statues, and other cool McDonald’s related memorabilia. If you ask us, this is a pretty cool California attraction to check out.

Spend the weekend healing by discovering the obscure Zzyzx Mineral Springs and Healing Center.

5. Visit the Relics of the Zzyzx Mineral Springs and Healing Center

The Zzyzx Mineral Springs and Healing Center is a California attraction that belongs on the bucket list of anyone who’s into discovering the weird and obscure side of the state. As a former utopian healing center, the Zzyzx Mineral hot Springs was founded by a self-proclaimed medical doctor and Methodist minister, who was licensed to do neither. Today, only relics of the healing center remain, but visiting it is still a fun thing to do in San Bernardino.

Take the family on an outing to the stadium to watch an exciting minor league baseball game.

6. Watch a Minor League Baseball game at San Manuel Stadium

Situated in the town’s downtown area, the San Manuel Stadium is the home to the Inland Empire 66ers of San Bernardino; the city’s minor league baseball team. If you happen to be in town during baseball season, watching a game in the stadium could be one of the most exciting things to do in San Bernardino. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, the exhilarating and joyous atmosphere is enough to prompt you to have a great time with friends and family. Over 8,000 people can be housed in the open air ballpark, which also boasts one of the largest scoreboards in the California League. Watch a game, munch on some hotdogs, and cheer on with the locals—this is a San Bernardino experience you can’t miss.

7. Check out the San Bernardino History and Railroad Museum

Visiting the San Bernardino History and Railroad Museum is an exciting thing to do in San Bernardino for anyone who’s interested in trains, railroads, and the history relating to it. Housed within an old Santa Fe Depot that dates back to 1918, the museum is a fascinating look into the railroad industry in San Bernardino. You’ll find a huge amount of historical memorabilia here, including period vehicles, carriages, and train replicas, as well as historical documents, photographs, and other antique items on display.

When in San Bernardino, wondering how to spend your Saturday? Feasting on Mexican classics, of course!

8. Eat Mexican Classics at Mitla Cafe

If you’re going to make one food stop in San Bernardino, it should be at the famed Mitla Cafe along Route 66. Founded in 1937 by Lucia Rodriguez, what started as a simple lunch counter quickly began to grow in popularity and is now a must-try San Bernardino thing to do for anyone dropping by for even a day.

The story goes that Glen Bell was also a regular at Mitla Cafe, whose hot dog and hamburger stand was across the street. After cozying up to the family, he secured the secrets of their popular hard-shell taco, stole it, and opened the first Taco Bell location he opened in 1962. But if you ask us, Mitla Cafe’s tacos are incomparable nonetheless. And if you can’t resist munching on one taco after another at Mitla, don’t worry; there are several San Bernardino trails to trek and even those calories out.

Doesn't a picnic with the family sound like a fabulous idea? If you're on board, just know we are too.

9. Spend the Day Outdoors at the Glen Helen Regional Park

Over 1,340 acres of lush, green space, welcome you at the Glen Helen Regional Park, making it a popular place to spend a day outdoors in San Bernardino. No matter if you’re looking to relax or get active, you will find an array of fun things to do at Glen Helen. Enjoy a relaxing picnic, go on leisurely San Bernardino hikes, sit by the lake, or check out the amphitheater. But if you want to do it like the locals do, then you must try the water activities available. Whether it’s fishing, swimming, or checking out the water slides at the small San Bernardino water park on ground, there are a variety of activities that’ll help you cool off on a hot summer’s day in Glen Helen Regional Park.

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