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Top 6 Unique Benefits of Moving to Sacramento
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Top 6 Unique Benefits of Moving to Sacramento

When planning your next move, consider the ample benefits of moving to Sacramento. Here's a breakdown of all the advantages.


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September 12, 2023

Rico Rivera is a seasoned real estate professional with an undying love for Sacramento and the Bay Area. He has a deep understanding of how special California is and uses that knowledge to provide the best service to those who seek to buy a home in the Golden State. He is also a member of the Recommended Business Program

California has long been the dream destination for many. From gold miners in the 19th century to tech innovators in the modern era, the Golden State has an irresistible allure. With that popularity comes the rising cost of living in major California cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. One city that has many benefits that are often overlooked is Sacramento. The state’s capital is rapidly becoming a beacon for those in search of the California lifestyle without the overwhelming cost of living. So, what are the benefits of moving to Sacramento over other cities in the state? Here’s a guide to help you weigh the benefits of setting roots in the state capital.


One compelling reason many are considering moving to Sacramento is undoubtedly the cost of living. Compared to cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles, Sacramento offers a substantial break in daily expenses, housing being the most noticeable. For many, moving to Sacramento, CA, means realizing the dream of homeownership without depleting savings. Sacramento home values are at an average of around $460,000 dollars. This is in stark contrast to other major cities in California. Los Angeles is at an astronomical $900,000 and San Francisco sits at well over $1,000,000. Los Angeles and San Francisco frequently rank near the top of any list of the most expensive cities in America. Sacramento is a major metropolitan city that doesn’t suffer from high costs. A proactive approach with a knowledgeable realtor in Sacramento can introduce potential buyers to neighborhoods that offer both character and affordability.

Sacramento is a major city that also remains affordable for most people's lifestyle.

Strategic Location

Sacramento’s strategic positioning is a boon for travel enthusiasts and those craving variety in weekend destinations. Ever wondered, "how far is Sacramento from iconic Californian places?" Lake Tahoe’s winter and summer delights along with Santa Cruz’s beautiful beaches are both two hour drives away. The bustling San Francisco Bay Area and serene vineyards of Napa Valley are only about an hour away. You’re not too far from many of California’s natural wonders and entertainment hubs.

It’s also in a good location for pursuing work. Since Sacramento is the capital, the economy is diverse across sectors. There are substantial opportunities for roles in both the private and public sectors. There’s a growing tech field alongside healthcare and educational opportunities. Professionals can grow in their role while living in Sacramento.

Sacramento isn't too far away from many of northern California's other great attractions and cities.

A Cultural and Recreational Melting Pot

The city's history is rich and multi-faceted, something that's palpable when you walk through Old Sacramento, a district echoing with tales of the Gold Rush era. Here, cobblestone streets and historic buildings transport you back in time. Sacramento is also a haven for art enthusiasts with its galleries, theaters, and the must-visit Crocker Art Museum, which houses one of the state’s most extensive collections of Californian art.

Foodies will love that the city prides itself on its sustainable, local produce. Various festivals celebrate this, the most notable being the Farm-to-Fork Festival which sees Sacramento’s streets bustling with vendors, chefs, and culinary artisans showcasing their locally sourced creations. It’s location to some of the best farmland California has to offer means your meals will be excellent yearlong.

But it's not all about adults; kids have a plethora of activities to keep them engaged. The Sacramento Children's Museum, Fairytale Town, and the Sacramento Zoo offer a range of fun, educational, and interactive experiences. When looking for family-friendly things to do in Sacramento, parents can easily find various workshops, outdoor movies, and community events specifically designed to entertain the whole family.

The Crocker Art Museum is one of the many attractions found within Sacramento.

Gateway to the World

One of the often-overlooked benefits of moving to Sacramento is the accessibility offered by the Sacramento International Airport. Unlike larger cities in California where getting to the airport can be a logistical nightmare, Sacramento offers a more stress-free experience. Located just 10 miles northwest of the downtown area, it's a breeze to reach, whether by public transport, rideshares, or your own vehicle. You won’t need to be like your L.A. friends and need to leave for LAX hours before the flight just to fight through traffic.

Not only does this make Sacramento a convenient base for those who love to travel, but it also benefits those with family and friends scattered across the globe. Quick and easy airport access means you're never too far away from your next destination, making moving to Sacramento an even more appealing option for globetrotters and business travelers alike.

Sacramento international Airport is a great outbound option that avoids the business of SFO and LAX.

Perfect Location for Outdoor Adventures

For those mulling over the decision of moving to Sacramento, the weather in Sacramento is often a sweet deal clincher. Enjoying the warmth of Californian summers without the scorching heat of southern deserts, and experiencing winters that are mild and rarely harsh compared to the more northern sections of the state, Sacramento offers a balanced climate. It's perfect for those who cherish outdoor activities throughout the year without extreme weather hindrances.

The great weather means you’ll have ample opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. There’s so much to do in and around Sacramento. Let's start with the American River Bike Trail, also known as the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail. Stretching for 32 miles between Discovery Park in Sacramento and Folsom, this trail is a cyclist’s paradise. It's not just about exercise; it's about witnessing the stunning scenery, from the rippling waters of the American River to the expansive canopy of trees that provide a scenic backdrop.

Sacramento's proximity to Lake Tahoe also means that skiing and snowboarding are just a drive away in the winter months. During the summer, the lake transforms into a hub for kayaking, paddleboarding, and boating. Water enthusiasts can also find closer options like the Sacramento and American Rivers, ideal spots for kayaking or a peaceful day of fishing.

For the hikers and trekkers among us, the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains offer endless trails that range from beginner-friendly to expert-level challenges. The Sacramento region is also home to numerous parks that offer a variety of outdoor activities. William Land Park, for example, not only has ample green spaces but also a golf course, ponds for fishing, and the adjacent Sacramento Zoo.

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Family-Centric Living

If you're considering moving to Sacramento with family, you'll be pleased to discover that this city has a strong family-centric ethos that extends far beyond its attractive real estate options. One of the most appealing aspects for families is the excellent school system. Sacramento is home to numerous highly-rated public and private schools that offer a wide range of educational opportunities, from advanced placement courses to extracurricular activities like arts and sports.

But education is just the starting point. The city is dotted with parks and recreational centers where families can spend quality time together. Many neighborhoods feature playgrounds, dog parks, and even community gardens. A day out might include a trip to McKinley Park’s famous rose garden, followed by a paddleboat ride at the nearby pond. For the more athletically inclined, youth sports leagues in soccer, baseball, and basketball are both popular and widespread.

Sacramento also ranks high in safety when compared to other California cities, a key concern for many parents. Its suburban areas offer the best of both worlds: a peaceful, small-town feel with easy access to the city's urban amenities. With the addition of community programs, libraries offering children’s events, and family-focused health and wellness initiatives, it becomes increasingly clear why moving to Sacramento is an ideal choice for families seeking a balanced, community-focused lifestyle.

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