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7 Work from Home Style Tips for Your California Wardrobe

7 Work from Home Style Tips for Your California Wardrobe

These work from home wardrobe tips will make getting dressed your favorite task of the day.


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March 17, 2021

It’s tempting to make pajamas trademark pieces of your work from home style—but it’s a habit you shouldn’t fall into. If all your WFH outfits consist of sweatpants, it becomes increasingly harder to get into the right headspace for a productive day of work. (And you’re essentially never ready for last-minute video calls.) So, when adjusting to your daily routine, don’t underestimate the benefits that come with perfecting your work from home attire.

Whether you’re creating a capsule wardrobe or upgrading your fall and winter closet staples, these work from home wardrobe tips will make getting dressed your favorite task of the day.

How to Define Your WFH Style

Don't lose sight of the act of getting ready for work.

1. Don’t stop getting ready for work

In most cases, dressing up is more than just putting on clothes. When you stop getting ready for work entirely, you gradually forget how to get into (and out of) work mode. In other words, if you stop trying with the way you dress, that mindset follows you throughout your other daily tasks as well.

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Whether it’s applying a bit of makeup or slipping into a comfy-chic sweater and a pair of California’s best blue jeans, having a “getting ready” step in your morning routine is refreshing. 

Looking and feeling sharp in your work from home clothing leaves the impression that you're actually in the office. It also adds a little structure to an otherwise monotonous day.

Who said comfy can't be professional?

2. Professionalism and comfort can go hand-in-hand

We all agree that comfort is key. But sacrificing style and professionalism in the name of comfort is a no-go. The best work from home clothes will have you feeling at ease in your house, but also get you ready for business. 

You’re probably not down to wear a blouse and skirt to work from home—and we don’t fault you for it. However, putting on something as simple as your best work from home pants and a T-shirt or an upscale loungewear set can go a long way.

Work from home wardrobe essentials

The best work from home outfit is the one that makes you feel good.

3. Establish a go-to uniform that works for you

You might be thinking, “Coming up with outfits takes such a long time, why bother wasting time on that if I’m not leaving the house?” We totally feel you. But that also has a solution. 

Find pieces that go together but you won’t get tired of wearing; mix and match them during the week for easy outfits. This not only makes you feel put together throughout the day, but it also helps you to do so without spending too much time establishing a work from home style.

Having high-quality, timeless essentials you can turn to on rotation is key. After all, the best work from home outfits are ones that make you look good and feel good time and time again. 

A pop of color can go a long way.

4. Introduce color into your wardrobe

Looking to make a statement on your next call? Feeling like your neutral wardrobe hasn’t positively affected your life? Introduce color to your work from home style for an instant boost of serotonin. 

A bright-colored sweater and a pair of statement earrings can immediately boost your mood and performance. Even funky-colored socks can turn an otherwise drab look into a very fab one in an instant. 

5. Have a handy blazer within reach

Uh oh, you totally forgot about the video call scheduled with C-level executives happening in T-minus two minutes. Good thing you have your handy blazer set aside specifically for this reason. 

Allowing yourself one lazy and comfortable work from home clothes day per week is no biggie. But having a plan B is always a good idea. Keeping a blazer on hand to throw on in a second helps avoid awkward impromptu calls in stained T-shirts.

Invest in comfy work from home clothes

Choose the right garments to rock the effortlessly professional style.

6. find a comfort-style balance

Finding a balance between comfort and style is the optimal way to go about crafting a work-from-home outfit. But comfort doesn’t necessarily translate to sweats and a T-shirt. You can find comfortable, yet professional-looking pieces without any effort by simply choosing the right garments.

Think linen, silk, and cotton instead of denim, leather, and polyester. After all, there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable and looking unprofessional at the same time.

You know your outfit is perfect when you're being extra productive.

7. invest in pieces that make you feel good

Last but not least, make sure what you’re wearing is making you happy. The best thing a piece of clothing can do for you is make you feel your best. And when you feel your best, you also look your best. Invest in high-quality, eco-friendly fashion, and you’ll wear your garments like you’re conquering the world.

Work from home outfits

Here are some comfy yet chic outfits from ethical California-based brands you’ll love incorporating into your work from home style.

Work from home outfit 1: Monday

Start your week off feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. The Envision Wide Leg Jumpsuit from LARelaxed is super chic yet comfortable and flowy. This wardrobe staple is bound to be your next go-to WFH outfit.

Work from home outfit 2: Tuesday

The Eliza Jumpsuit from DÔEN will have you looking and feeling like a fairy garden princess in the best way. Don this whimsical one-piece when you crave a Mediterranean getaway and you’ll almost feel like you’re there.

Work from home outfit 3: Wednesday

She’s here and ready to seal the deal. The beautiful Alessi Dress from Reformation is a showstopper that’ll outdress anyone—especially on a Wednesday.

Work from home outfit 4: Thursday

You can style the Parker Blazer from Whimsy + Row with almost anything and make it look good. But, if you want to go the extra mile, pair it with the matching Parker skirt. This outfit will have you voluntarily turning your camera on during video calls.

Work from home outfit 5: Friday

It’s Friday and you’d really just rather wear jeans; we feel you. Luckily, you can still do that and look ultra-chic with the help of ethical California brands like First Rite. The brand’s Narrow Cargo Pants are universally flattering on top of being super comfortable. Pair them with the Bulky V Neck and you’ll be unstoppable.

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