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13 Double Date Ideas To Plan In California

13 Double Date Ideas To Plan In California

Keeping the spark alive is key to a healthy relationship, and teaming up with your go-to duo for a rendezvous might do the the trick.


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July 13, 2021

Once you’re comfortable enough in your relationship, it can be difficult to remember that Netflix and chill doesn’t qualify as a date per se. Keeping the spark alive with your S.O. is key to maintaining a healthy relationship, and teaming up with your go-to duo for a unique rendezvous might just do the trick. And since California is basically where romance comes alive, narrowing down the picture-perfect idea can be more confusing than it looks. Luckily, we’ve done the legwork for you and brainstormed a list of double-date ideas for all couples to enjoy. Pick one, put it in your calendar, and make it a monthly thing.

Fun Double Dates Ideas to Plan Around Southern California

Good food makes for a good mood, and we want to be with someone who looks at us the way we look at food.

1. Hang out at the Food Halls in Downtown Santa Ana 

4th Street Market is a trendy date spot in East End Downtown Santa Ana, hosting 15 food and beverage options including Wingman Kitchen, Dos Chinos, and Chunk N Chip. Grab your food and enjoy it at the outdoor seating area on the patio that was voted “Best in Orange County”. There are also ping pong tables, gigantic Jenga and Connect 4 sets, and other exciting board games to appease your inner child.

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2. See a Concert at the Observatory

If you and your partner have friends who share a similar taste in music, The Observatory is the way to go. This concert venue is one of the most popular ones in Orange County and hosts both up-and-comers as well as well-known artists. A few of the most famous acts at The Observatory stage include Tom Petty, Kendrick Lamar, Ja Rule and Ashanti, Franz Ferdinand, and more.

Want to try your hand at a new thrilling experience? Make indoor rock climbing your new hobby and share your newfound passion with couple friends.

3. Try out Indoor Rock climbing 

Sender One—the largest climbing gym in Orange County—isn’t necessarily the first thing you think of when brainstorming cute double date ideas, but that’s exactly what makes it great. Grab a single-day pass for four people and have unlimited access to rock climbing, yoga, and all the fitness you can think of. They say couples who work out together, stay together; this is your chance to test out that theory.

4. Stroll along the Venice Canals 

Lovers of classic romance will be enchanted by the Venice Canals, a location celebrated for its photogenic charm. Wander through this quaint area, spanning three blocks filled with canals in the heart of Los Angeles, and watch a picturesque landscape come to life. With its gracefully arched footbridges, delightful beachside homes, adorable duck families, and serene gondola rides, this spot is a perfect blend for creating moments of love.

There's a reason why we like bowling so much—it's because we always strike out with the men and ladies.

5. Bowl at Highland Park Bowl

Bowling alleys aren’t exactly the first thing that come to mind when talking about beautiful places. But, there are a few L.A. venues more beautiful than Highland Park Bowl, a double-threat of an establishment. This bowling alley-slash-restaurant is perfect for a little friendly competition; the losers get to buy the winners pizza. The Contadina has gotten rave reviews, with black kale, calabrese chiles, Salame Felino, ricotta, wildflower honey, parmesan, and herbs—*chef’s kiss.*

6. See a Drive-In Movie 

Travel back to a time of cheap tickets and flicks from the comfort of your own car—or cars. The Vineland Drive-in Theatre is one of L.A.’s best summer date night ideas, as well as an excellent opportunity to learn about your friends’ movie preferences. And since Vineland isn’t a regular cinema, you might need to come prepared snack-wise; might we suggest nearby taco trucks?

You can judge a person's true character by the way he treats his fellow animals, so why not do that on a double date?

7. Visit San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Spend your day bonding with animals at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. What’s cuter than hanging out with orangutans, marveling at tigers and giraffes, or kicking it while the elephants play in the distance? If you’re willing to find out, book a night in one of the park’s “roar and snore” tents and enjoy one of SoCal’s best double date ideas.

Double Date Activities for Lovebirds in NorCal

8. Ride Horses along the beach at Half Moon Bay

Boasting serious surf DNA, a getaway to Half Moon Bay is always a fun double-date idea. And even if you’re not one for splashing around, don’t worry; horseback rides are the area’s best-kept secret. Sea Horse Ranch offers scenic rides along the Coastal Equestrian Trail—all bluffs, no sand getting stuck to your legs. There’s also no need to worry about your skill level either, as both expert equestrians and beginners can hoof it down here.

Thought diamonds are a girl's best friend? Think again. Get a burrito for all the ladies and you'll realize good food is what makes a person happy.

9. Grab a Burrito at Mission Dolores Park

Hanging out at Mission Dolores Park means eating delicious burritos, people-watching, and basking in the almost-always-there sunshine. The park is great for double dates, triple dates, and even qualifies as a furry friend fun zone. Bring your friends, your S.O., and your dog to the off-leash area, and have a blast in the great outdoors.

10. Find your Zen at the Japanese Tea Gardens

The oldest public Japanese tea garden in the country is open to all couples to wander peacefully. With one-way stone paths, koi ponds, and an abundance of lush Japanese plants, there’s plenty of chances to tune out the outside world and live in the moment. And as far as your zen goes, they say being close to your loved ones and nature increases your chances by about a thousand.

The Old Sacramento Historic District is a significant tourist attraction, and we love feeling like a tourist in our own home.

11.Explore Old Sacramento Historic District 

Checking out Old Sacramento is always a good double date idea, even if you’ve been there before. With annual events like the Gold Rush Days, Theater of Lights, Mardi Gras, and Chocolate Week, there’s always more to explore, new things to see, and most importantly, plenty of sweets to try. And oh, if you wish to ride off into the sunset to end your day in style, horse-drawn carriages are found all over the historic district.

12. Cruise Sacramento’s Farmers Markets

Given Sacramento’s status as the nation’s Farm-To-Fork Capital, it’s no surprise that farmers markets come in absolute handfuls. Whether the four of you are foodies or art connoisseurs, strolling through open-air markets is always a double date to remember. Plus, all the fruits, veggies, cheeses, and baked goods are just too good to pass up.

The time has come to finally decide who's the superior couple. Head over to the nearest arcade and establish dominance while you teach 'em how to win.

13. Face Off at Coin-Op Game Room

Are you a competitive couple? A friendly face-off over Pac-Man Battle Royale is a great double date activity. The Coin-Op is located in the hip Kay District of Downtown Sacramento and includes more than 40 classic video and arcade games, mostly from the 80s and 90s. Impress your S.O. by getting the high score you always wanted and order a round of victory lemon pepper wings.

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