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17 Stay-at-Home Valentine's Day Ideas You'll Love

17 Stay-at-Home Valentine's Day Ideas You'll Love

Impress your special someone with these romantic Valentine's date ideas that'll make for the most memorable February yet.


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January 28, 2021

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we’re feeling all the love around us. Whether or not you’re struck by Cupid’s arrow, it’s a wonderful opportunity to spread the love not just to your special someone, but to your friends and family, too. If planning a romantic road trip or going to a fancy restaurant isn’t your cup of tea, show your love and appreciation to your one and only with stay-at-home Valentine’s Day ideas

You may think you have limited options to make the day extra special, but your possibilities are endless. Tap into your creative side and plan the best Valentine’s date at home to make your partner swoon. If you’re still struggling with what to do, set the mood with these romantic indoor date-night ideas.  

At-Home Valentine’s Day Ideas For The Most Memorable February Yet

Start the day off right by making your better half's favorite breakfast and enjoying it in bed together.

1. Eat Breakfast In Bed

Surprise your special someone with a delicious breakfast in bed. Put your cooking skills to use and whip up their favorite breakfast meals and heart-shaped treats to begin their day with a heart full of love and a stomach full of food.

2. Plan An Indoor Picnic

Why bother leaving the house for a picnic when everything you need is right there? Having an indoor picnic is undoubtedly one of the cutest at-home Valentine’s Day ideas. Grab a picnic basket, prepare a charcuterie board, and make some space in the living room to throw a blanket on the floor (in true picnic fashion). Not only will you be saving yourselves from bugs and sticky grass, but you also won’t have to worry about carrying everything around. 

3. Have A Board Game Marathon

Here us out—board games can be romantic if you add fun twists to them. For an exciting Valentine’s date idea at home, add some new rules to your California-made board games. For example, if your partner makes a wrong move, they have to give you a five-minute massage. Or if you lose the game, you have to play whichever board game they want to play next. You can even replace some of the pieces with candy to make it extra sweet. 

Pitch a tent at home and pretend you and your partner are in the great outdoors to create new memories.

4. Go Camping At Home

If you’re an outdoorsy couple looking for at-home adventures, a shelter-in-place camp could be the perfect Valentine’s date idea. Prep your living room or your backyard and put your California-made outdoor gear to use. Enjoy the best parts of camping without having to deal with insects and uncharged gadgets. 

5. Create A Trivia Quiz For Each Other 

Make a personalized trivia quiz to see how well you remember what you’ve done together. Write down questions like when and where you had your first kiss, which date was your favorite, and which movies you don’t like. Quiz yourselves and learn something new about each other with the help of this cute Valentine’s Day date idea at home.

6. Turn Your Home Into A Spa

We all enjoy a bit of pampering every now and then. Save yourself from the expenses of going to an actual spa and enjoy a spa day at home instead. Face masks, foot scrubs, oil massages, simple home remedies, bubble baths, and a tray of chocolate-covered strawberries within arm’s reach—soak it all in with this romantic idea for Valentine’s Day at home

Spice things up in the kitchen by trying a new recipe or making a longtime favorite dish with a twist.

7. Make a Meal Together

Cooking together is always a romantic activity—unless your partner is a strict chef. Set up a prep station in your kitchen and create each other’s favorite meals. If cooking isn’t your forte, follow easy five-ingredient recipes from California food bloggers or spice up your date night with California cooking classes to learn a new skill and bond over food. Thanks to this Valentine’s Day date idea, you’ll finally know why they say, “The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.” 

8. Set Up A Candlelit Dinner

Why stress over getting a reservation at an upscale restaurant when you can transform your home into one? Once all of the food is prepared, you have to set the mood for a romantic dinner date. Turn off the lights, scatter rose petals, and finally make use of your fancy china to wow your special someone this Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to leave room for dessert. 

9. Whip Out Your DIY Kit

How well do you and your partner collaborate? Test your skills and start a DIY project this Valentine’s Day. Start small with V-Day cards, picture frames, mason jar lamps, or anything that’s out-of-the-box and makes a great gift. Take on a bigger challenge and create a DIY home decor project to add a fun touch to your house or apartment. 

Get your groove on with that special someone to fall head over heels for each other all over again.

10. Have A Dance Party

When was the last time you danced with your special someone? If your partner is too shy to dance in public, they just might feel more comfortable at home. A cute Valentine’s Day date idea is encouraging your one and only to let loose and dance with you.  So whether you try ballroom, disco, salsa, or hip hop, have fun and get your groove on together. Blast your favorite songs, learn the choreography to your favorite music videos, and dance until your feet catch on fire. 

11. Try An Airbnb Experience Together

Ditch the usual at-home Valentine’s Day date ideas and discover a passion and new talents with your special someone. Try the best California Airbnb experiences for a unique online adventure. 

12. Let Your Inner Child Out And Play “The Floor Is Lava”

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. Don’t be afraid to let your guard down and be as silly as you can. Anyone can be passionate on Valentine’s Day, but it takes real lovers to be silly and enjoy each other’s company without over-the-top plans. A game as simple as “The Floor is Lava” will make you two laugh for hours and allow you to relive childhood memories with your partner. 

Alleviate all of your stress and bond with your boo by doing a meditation session together.

13. Strengthen Your Spiritual Connection With Your Partner

A wonderful and peaceful Valentine’s at-home date idea is to do a couples meditation. There are plenty of easy ways to meditate at home and connect with your partner on a whole other level. Choose the right area in your home so you’re both alone with your thoughts and feelings. Meditating together not only deepens your connection and increases communication, but it also helps you understand your partner from a new perspective.  

14. Build A Fort

Bust out your pillows and blankets for this awesome Valentine’s Day stay-at-home idea—you’re building a fort. Remember all the forts you built as a kid and create a newer, cooler, and more romantic version to spice up the romance. While you’re at it, you may as well start a pillow fight. Bring a few snacks and board games to keep you entertained and exchange thoughtful DIY Valentine’s Day gifts

15. Make Plans For All The Places You Want To Visit 

You may be spending Valentine’s Day at home, but there are so many adventures you’ll embark on together in the future. Create a list of all the places you want to see, the things you want to do, and the memories you want to make. This stay-at-home Valentine’s Day idea will remind you that your best days are yet to come. 

Get cozy at night by snuggling with your S.O. and watching a romantic movie.

16. Netflix And Chill 

Sometimes, you just have to resort to the good old-fashioned option—Netflix and chill. We’re not suggesting you have a Lord of the Rings marathon on Valentine’s Day, but watching romantic movies like Sweet November or A Star is Born is a simple yet romantic way to spend the evening. Sip on hot cocoa, snuggle with your S.O., and enjoy a quiet evening at home.

17. Record A Message For Your Future Selves

Ever wonder what it’d be like talking to your younger self? Film a video of you talking to your future selves expressing all the things you hope to accomplish and where you see yourselves in the next couple of years. 

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