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11 Gluten-Free Restaurants in California

11 Gluten-Free Restaurants in California

Finding gluten-free restaurants can often be a chore, but luckily California has a wide variety of delicious gluten-free options. Team


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June 06, 2023

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Making the state great in every way, a plethora of gluten-free restaurants in California create an inviting environment for all celiacs. Enjoy casual meals with friends, where the menus offer more than two casual gluten-free dishes. Shed off the strain of eating gluten, with the support and accessibility to restaurants catering flavors that are just right for your tastebuds and your body.

Stretching from the state’s northern ends of the Bay Area, all the way to Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, the Golden State is the definition of cultural amalgamation. A rise in cultural ethnicities only leads to a boost in the variety of cuisine offerings, satisfying every celiac Californian’s craving

Gluten-free restaurants in California fully represent the culinary diversity found within the state.

Gluten-Free Restaurants, San Francisco

There has never been a better time to discover your wheat sensitivities in California. With many eateries ready to entertain your palatable yearnings, you cannot go short on gluten-free options in San Francisco. 

Pica Pica Arepa Kitchen

Turn up to savor the rich Venezuelan cuisine at this gluten-free restaurant in San Francisco. Pica Pica Arepa Kitchen introduces culinary customs shared across Venezuela, in bold traditional dishes handcrafted daily from farm-fresh ingredients based on wholesome recipes passed down from the family cookbooks. Discover layers of sweet, savory, and spicy joined in a smooth blend of Caribbean and South American elements.


Considered one of the dedicated gluten-free restaurants, this one blesses locals of Oakland, California with its mouth-watering gluten-free goodies.  From its recycled merchandise to the organic, GF cuisine shopping at Mariposa Baking Co. will be the definitive contribution to reducing your carbon footprint. Enjoy the white-sugared frosting topping of their popular California Lemon Cake, try the cloud-soft, buttered croissants, and take home some of the pull-apart rosemary rolls for later.

Each major city in California has a wealth of options for gluten-free dining.

Gluten-Free restaurants Los Angeles

Levant Bistro

Reserve in advance to dine at this beautiful restaurant with creativity and name and ethics. Certified by the Genetically Modified Organisms Project (Non-GMO), this bistro is devoted to creating food that feeds the soul and body. Savor a guilt-free meal, knowing each bite is prepped from scratch with soy and gluten-free, organic products.


Whether you decide to get a take-out or dine-in, this gluten-free Asian restaurant is a fine dining experience you will not regret. From special sushi palettes to signature plates, sushi and dessert, Shojin will take you on a wild GF flavor journey where the Kabocha Pumpkin Croquette and the Steak Lettuce Wraps will shock you with their artistic culinary portrayals. 

De Buena Planta

Enjoy the laid-back vibes coming from the founders of  “The Butcher’s Daughter” at one of the best Mexican gluten-free restaurants in L.A. In this meatless Mexican spot try out the gluten-free tacos and the vegetable-forward cuisine that invites you to munch on the Spicy Mango Salad.

Enjoy a delicious gluten-free morning pastry at one of the many excellent restaurants in California.

Gluten-Free Santa Barbara

Lilac Patisserie

Satiate your healthy cravings with the treats baked at this cafe, where GF and wholesome ingredients are a given. The Patisserie serves breakfast, and lunch, as well as signature cakes with flavors that unite heaven to Earth. Whether its eggs did the Huevos Rancheros style, or a light Berry Bowl, gluten-free food, Lilac Patisserie offers uncompromised taste, texture, artistry, or even quality in its creations.

Recomended businesses

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Discover the best of California. Our recommended businesses are top-quality and are committed to their communities.
Don't forget to beat the heat with some remarkable gluten-free ice cream.

Gluten-Free Sacramento

Babes Ice Cream & Donuts

A perfect place if you’re opting for dessert, Babes Ice Cream & Donuts is an experience for everyone to enjoy. Don’t let a drip go to waste as you savor the fresh flavors of this ice cream joint. 100 percent GF and vegan ice cream, made from scratch with organic produce will leave you coming back to this unique Sacramento joint. Our personal favorite is Mint chip, and we also recommend the season-special donuts – like Pumpkin Spice Latte that blankets October in a cone. 

Melting Pot

Established in 1975, Melting Pot has been the definition of fondue experience in America which is also a celiac-friendly restaurant. Though the place has many branches all over California, the one in Sacramento is one of our favorites. Relish this scrumptious, appetizing melted pot of cheese, with farm-fresh asparagus and prosciutto, and continue with the Flaming Turtle dessert fondue. Enjoy a variety of gluten-free options that will give you let you enjoy this melted experience guilt-free.  

Take advantage of California's diverse food options at one of its gluten-free restaurants.

Gluten-Free restaurants San Diego

The Gluten-Free Baking Co

If the name didn’t give it away, this gluten-free bakery in San Diego is ready to serve you whether you want to order in advance or are craving a treat right now.  From wedding cakes to cupcakes and the sweetest confetti included in the French pastry culinary culture, are made in the kitchen of this amazing bakery where gluten-free is a lifestyle. 

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

With a concept of its own, an orange palette, and seasonal menus keeping the place fresh and exciting, this gluten-free restaurant is the ultimate celiac-friendly destination in San Diego. Sip fresh juice, and savor farm-to-table made breakfast at this a-ma-zing breakfast joint.

Mezze Greek Fusion

Whoever said GF is not an easy diet, obviously didn’t know the possibilities of Greek cuisine. Enjoy a fusion of greek mezze at this gluten-free restaurant where the only small portion is the word mezze itself. From the watermelon feta salad to the Mediterranean mix of Baba Ghanouj, and the Falafel Plate the menu is a tempting palette of fresh ingredients. We highly recommend you try the Souvlaki mix and the Solomos which is Spinach and Feta stuffed salmon filet, served with rice pilaf.

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