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The Fall Color Trends We Can't Get Enough Of

The Fall Color Trends We Can't Get Enough Of

It’s sweater weather, and we’re here for it. Curate your autumn wardrobe and revamp your home based on this year's fall color trends.


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November 04, 2020

It’s sweater weather and we’re all for it; we’re ready to curate our autumn wardrobes and revamp our homes based on this year’s fall color trends. You may not be ready to retire your summer dresses yet, but the crisp autumn air will have you changing your mind quickly.

From essential neutrals to rosewood burgundy, you’ll be seeing a lot of changes in fashion, hairstyles, and home decor thanks to the Pantone fall/winter 2020 color guide. With a pumpkin spice latte in one hand and a color palette in the other, check out this year’s fall color trends to get ahead of the curve. 

Fall 2020 Color Trends

The season’s coveted hues are here—the fall 2020 color trends have dominated the runways and home interiors ever since the first autumn leaf fell onto the ground. From clothes and accessories to pillows and rugs, it’s time to swap your summer hues for autumn shades to successfully rock the fall fashion trends this season.

Embrace the new season and spice up your wardrobe by getting clothing in these gorgeous fall colors.

1. Olive Green

Neon and lime green have been trendy over the past few years, but it’s time to say goodbye to brights and welcome in a fresh hue this autumn: olive green. This foundational tone quickly made its way to the street-style scene this year and has become a color choice that prioritizes longevity over a short-lived fad.

2. Earthy Tones

Embodying the rustic outdoors, earthy tones introduce warmth while embracing nature. Channel the down-to-earth vibes and be on trend by adding pieces from California's ethical clothing companies in these colors. Incorporate earthy tones into your house, too. When used in home decor, the calming colors tend to be more inviting than white paint.

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This subtle yet elegant hue is suitable for everyone. During your next fall shopping spree, grab a rose-tan sweater.

3. Rose Tan

Rose tan radiates composure, poise, and grace. This softening hue adds a touch of elegance to your spirit and gets you in the fall spirit. The slightly dusty pink hue also enables you to achieve a stylish look and make a statement. 

4. Fiery Orange

Colors play a huge role in impacting your mood, and this radiant hue is all about establishing a creative and happy environment. A pop of fiery orange creates a sense of confidence, showcasing the vibrancy of your personality and encouraging you to be bold.

Gray ever goes out of style, so pick up some pieces in this timeless color.

5. Essential Gray

Gray is a staple color; the neutral tone is a classic, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. The timeless hue is the perfect example of a fall color trend that’s dependable, solid, and flexible—perfect for creating a capsule wardrobe you’ll love for years to come

6. Electric Blue

Pastel, navy, and powder blues have made multiple appearances in the past, but this year’s fall color trends are all about being fearless—electric blue embodies exactly that. Although it’s a vibrant hue, it’s easy to style because it pairs well with both neutrals and punchy shades. 

Don't be mellow, wear yellow. This year, don lemon-yellow attire to add a touch of vibrancy to any room you enter.

7. Lemon Yellow

Indeed, autumn requires vivid colors to balance out the earthy tones and darker hues and to instill energetic and joyful vibes. We’re over the neon trend—lemon yellow is the ideal shade for an extra dose of positivity and a cheery pop of color.

Pantone Fall Colors To Add To Your Wardrobe

The Pantone Color Institute, a leader in forecasting global color trends, published the fall/winter 2020/2021 color trend guide to the season’s most sought-out hues. Showcasing the less-is-more mindset, the Pantone fall colors place emphasis on versatile and timeless shades. The palette for this season consists of 10 striking pigments along with four classic neutrals. 

Given the gorgeous Pantone fall colors, you'll want to incorporate several of them into your closet.

Core Fall Color Trends

  1. Pantone 19-1662: Samba, representing cheerful energy.
  2. Pantone 16-1328: Sandstone, representing a pastoral spirit.
  3. Pantone 19-4052: Classic Blue, representing the infinite evening sky opening a world of possibilities.
  4. Pantone 18-5338: Ultramarine Green, representing self-assurance and balance.
  5. Pantone 13-0648: Green Sheen, representing a rebellious and standout attitude.
  6. Pantone 19-1337: Fired Brick, representing a strong and sturdy character with earnestness.
  7. Pantone 14-1220: Peach Nougat, representing a nurturing warmth. 
  8. Pantone 19-2428: Magenta Purple, representing a hypnotizing infatuation.
  9. Pantone 16-1511: Rose Tan, representing sophistication and luxury. 
  10. Pantone 16-1350: Amberglow, representing self-confidence and self-expression.

Classic Fall Color Trends

  1. Pantone 16-3916: Sleet, representing endurance and reliability.
  2. Pantone 19-0622: Military Olive, representing determination and fearlessness.
  3. Pantone 12-0713: Almond Oil, representing levelness and urbane manner. 
  4. Pantone 19-3940: Blue Depths, representing mystery and enigma.

Home Decor Color Trends For Fall 2020

Colors have the power to revamp a room, whether it’s an entire wall painted in a bold hue or pops of color scattered around the house. Incorporating fall color trends into your space adds a breath of fresh air and creates a pleasant atmosphere. If you’re still looking for a sign to transform your home, this is it. 

You can never go wrong with a navy blue accent piece such as a rug, couch, or chair.

1. Navy Blue Accents

Navy blue has evolved to become the new neutral color. Easily paired with other colors, it can be perceived as both a bohemian and a traditional tone. Combining navy blue with natural materials adds a newfound sense of wholeness to your home. 

2. Hints of Maroon

Since fired brick and magenta purple are among this season’s Pantone fall colors, it’s only appropriate to expand on the shades and incorporate maroon into your space. The dark and rich tone is a mercurial hue that’s both stimulating and dramatic. This fall color is also known to increase your appetite, so don’t be afraid to include hints of maroon in your dining room. 

3. Green and Gray Combo

The combination of green and gray is advantageous in the sense that your space changes its ambience depending on the time of day and the amount of light in the room. Gray is the ideal neutral to pair with a splash of color, and green is the perfect choice to revitalize the achromatic tone. Whether it’s forest, emerald, or sage green, it creates a mysterious atmosphere when matched with the appropriate shade of gray.

When in doubt, add a touch of apricot orange to liven up any room in your house.

4. Apricot Orange

Apricot orange is a harmonious color to include in your home. Blending well with off-whites and browns, it creates a tropical vibe while smoothly complementing earthy tones. Enhance your decor with vivacious colors for a vibrant, lively environment. 

5. Bold Ochre

Ochre isn’t just a unique hue; it’s the quintessential earth tone that brings California vibes to your home. Making your space cozier, ochre adds a rustic touch while warming up your house. The clay earth pigment ranges from yellow to deep orange or brown; therefore, it’s easy to customize your room according to the fall 2020 color trends.

6. Jewel Tones

Add a little drama and flair to your home with timeless jewel tones. Take a risk and include quaint and chic accents all over your house to create a multi-colored interior and provide balance to an otherwise neutral space.

A minimalist's dream, keep it simple and clean with shades of cream. Be ready to warm up your environment.

7. Shades of Cream

Pearl, ivory, eggshell, and elephant tusk are all shades of cream taking over the fall color trends. These neutral warm tones convert a rather dull corner into a lovely and inviting space. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of off-white tones—cream may be a minimalist’s fantasy color, but it’s anything but basic.

Winter And Fall Hair Colors

Fall color trends don’t stop at fashion and home decor—autumn hairstyles are just as important. It’s time to take a risk and experiment with your hair; give it new life by calling the salon and refreshing your summer hairdo for an autumn makeover.    

Be daring, sexy, and sultry this autumn with a dramatic hair color change.

1. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate hair is timeless and classic—the dark and sultry shade is easy to maintain and effortless to rock. Daring and sexy, the color instantly makes your hair look even more luscious. 

2. Honey Blonde

If you’re a brunette looking to go blonde, honey-hued warmth might be the ideal in-between shade because it's a noticeable change but not too dramatic. Adding instance radiance to your face, the color complements the California sun-kissed skin tone while still being perfectly adaptable for the colder months. 

Transform your hair by adding rosé pink to your locks for a super-cool look.

3. Rosé Pink

We’ve seen almost all of the celebrities and influencers experimenting with vibrant shades of pink, but for a milder transformation, rosé pink is the go-to choice. Not only is it glamorous and sophisticated, but it’s also the ideal winter/fall hair color since it’s more subdued. 

4. Fire Red

What do the cold winter months need? A hot head of fire red to spice things up. Live out your childhood dreams of having Ariel-esque hair and opt for a gutsy change this season.

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