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The 11 Best Cities for Public Transportation
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The 11 Best Cities for Public Transportation

And if you’re looking for the best cities for public transportation (to move to or just for visiting), we’ve got you covered there too.


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July 05, 2021

The most popular option for public transport is the San Diego Trolley, a light rail system that goes to many different parts of the city.

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Santa Barbara has a great public transportation infrastructure. Local buses are owned and operated by Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District.
SLO Transit will take you everywhere you need to go within San Luis Obispo from your hotel, to the downtown, to Cal Poly, and to the transit center.
Ridgecrest Transit provides all citizens’ equal access to its transportation services under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.
BART is a rapid transit system serving Oakland, which operates on elevated tracks and as a subway. It has eight stations in Oakland.

8. Oakland

If you think San Francisco is a bit pricey, Oakland is a great alternative. Besides having affordable housing, the city’s relatively close if you have to commute to work. Oakland takes advantage of the BART system—convenient locations are scattered all over the city. AC Transit offers frequent Transbay bus connections to S.F., as well as service within Oakland and to neighboring communities such as Berkeley. You don’t have to give up the Bay Area lifestyle anymore.

 9. Ukiah

Ukiah’s Walk and Bike Mendocino organization encourages people to ditch their cars and walk or bike to their destination instead. And it looks like their efforts are paying off too—the average commute time in the town is estimated to be only 17 minutes. You know what that means? With shorter commutes, Ukiah residents have more time to enjoy the fabulous town they call home. Whether it’s strolling through the historic downtown, immersing themselves in art, or simply exploring the great outdoors, Ukiah’s leading the scene by keeping it green.

Susanville lies at the junction of Highway 36 and 139. Highway 139 heads north to the Oregon border as a direct route to Klamath Falls.

10. Susanville 

Fun fact about Susanville—it’s one of the top American cities for public transportation. The average commutes here are estimated to be 29 minutes or less. In fact, the average worker spends a mere 20 minutes behind the wheel before they get to work. And no, you won’t have to say “depending on the traffic”.

11. Eureka 

What’s better than a long drive? A long drive with ocean views. If you’re taking the infamous Highway 101 road trip, be sure to stop by Eureka—it’s one of the most underrated attractions yet. If you end up staying longer than intended, it’s probably best to start living like a local and using public transport. In addition to its stunning vistas, Eureka has an excellent transportation system that operates like clockwork, helping commuters get to and from work with ease. 

Nearly nine out of 10 workers here commute for less than 29 minutes. Residents who want to forgo the hassle of driving use the Eureka Transit Service, a route bus system that serves the town and its surrounding communities. Whatever your mode of transport is, Eureka urges you to spend less time at the wheel and more relishing in the beauty of the coastal city.

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