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Increase Home Value with 9 Easy Steps
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Increase Home Value with 9 Easy Steps

From painting rooms, to upgrading appliances, to fixing pipes, these are the easiest ways to increase your property value in California. Team


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November 24, 2022

Your home is one of your biggest life investments. It’s crucial to keep to date with tips and tricks on how to maintain or even increase home value. Whether it's by gaining more knowledge or by updating your house, there are plenty of ways to not only preserve but also increase the property value of your house or apartment.

Unless your goal is to sell your home as soon as possible, adding value should be first and foremost to enhance your own quality of life. Whether you’re painting the rooms, upgrading your appliances, or replacing old pipes, simple improvements can have a valuable impact.  Making more aesthetically pleasing adjustments can elevate your primary home and create an inviting homestay.

Best Ways To Increase Home Value

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Akin to the majority of Americans, Californians believe that owning a home is the greatest asset. But to further increase home value, fulfilling the “American Dream” and taking care of your property should come back-to-back. The California market has a non-formal checklist with a certain percentage rationed to each box.

Don't forget about the great outdoors when improving your home. An attractive entrance makes all the difference.

1. The Curb Appeal -15%

What is curb appeal and why should you care? When it comes to adding value to your home, first impressions are important. Curb appeal is all about how your house looks from the outside. One thing that helps increase your home value is taking care of the entrance of your home. The facade should be comparable to the cover of a book; Aim to invest in a new front door or paint it to complement both the outside and inside of your home. Mount hangers for umbrellas and pet leashes to keep mud and dirt outside on rainy days. And finally, add a matching doormat for a finishing touch.

2. Plants Are Life - 10%

To further make your guests and potential buyers feel welcome when they walk up to your home, install a living wall from Planted Design. Create a vibrant and harmonious atmosphere, improve the air quality of your home, and enjoy the little home improvements that add value. Now that you’ve covered the interior, it's time to boost the exterior. Keep up with the trends of California homes, and introduce drought-resistant plants to plump your home’s curb appeal with an evergreen lawn. Enjoy a home that looks full of life, displaying an environmentally friendly image, as well as the ultimate design for a vacation home.

3. The Higher Energy Efficiency, the Lower the Bills

Lowering utility costs immediately promotes the value of your home.   Projects like thermostat installations will lower energy consumption and make the space more user-friendly while providing all the homey comforts. Pick the right, smart thermostat to give your house just the right home improvements that increase value. Highlighting your home’s overall niceties, comfort, functionality, and energy efficiency will rank it toward the top of the real estate market.

Get smart and cut costs on drinking water by installing a water filtration system. Stay hydrated and drink clean water for less.

4. Make Cost-Effective Improvements

Besides energy efficiency, exploiting nature’s gifts is another answer to how to increase the value of your home. Installing a rainwater harvesting system to cut down on water consumption is one of the easiest ways of adding value to your home on a budget. If you’re wondering how this is an improvement, the formula is simple. The water filtration system purifies your water and eliminates the need to constantly purchase plastic bottles from the store, thereby lowering drinking water costs for your future prospects. 

Offering cost-effective long-term solutions through home improvements will help persuade potential buyers to purchase your home. Now that we’ve covered the why, harvest the rainwater for your garden, and add a water filtration system in your kitchen to safely drink rainwater and save the environment and your wallet all in one.  

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5. Hone in on Fire

People’s fascination with fire is no news, especially when we’re talking about homes. Watching flames dance for hours on end has a calming effect on humans. Give your house a twist and fascinate your buyers with the promise of ease and relaxation by installing a gas fireplace. This cost-efficient touch will increase home value in the long run and make your residence super-cozy. You can also consider renewing gas cooktops for a fancy finish that's more sustainable and prepares restaurant-worthy meals. Change faucets to complement your home's new vibe and check if your pipes need fixing.

Renovating your kitchen drastically changes your home's ambience. Carefully plan out your improvements so you'll be satisfied long-term.

6. Hone in on Water

Upgrading your bathroom and kitchen is considered one of the most profitable projects that increase home value. Pay attention to the small things like fixtures and fittings to maintain the right balance of clean and chic. You can easily get a kitchen makeover by swapping out doorknobs, adding space for storage, and changing the curtains and blinds. Paint the cabinet doors, install new ones, or simply dismount them to evoke a more open, airy vibe. 

For the bathroom, installing new tiles, backsplashes, and countertops can easily do the trick. Give your walls a new coat of paint and make a statement with a boldly-colored accent wall. Further, impress your visitors with an elegant bathroom centerpiece such as a freestanding bathtub.  

Be smart and get a smart system to protect your home. Stay worry-free as your security system watches over your home while you're out and about.

7. Be Smart

Anyone investing in a house wants to protect it. What increases home value is how greatly you tend to it. To give your property the feeling of worthiness it deserves, add a smart system for extra security that will keep your home safe even when you're away. Hosting an Airbnb is hassle-free once you have a smart key system installed. Plus, you can control heating and air conditioning and even program your blinds to automatically shut when you’re out and about. The smart system is by far one of the most multifunctional ways to increase the value of your home.

What better way to take advantage of the endless hours of sunlight than by installing solar panels? Purchase one for your home today.

8. Harvest the Power of the Sun

A home is a long-term investment and so other indelible attributes are important to include. Installing solar panels in sunny California is a smart, eco-friendly choice that guarantees value to your home. Next time you need to change the lightbulbs, purchase LED ones for less energy consumption, a longer life span, and a healthier and more focused light source. LED lights mimic natural sunlight, making you and your guests feel more comfortable. While you’re at it, upgrade your light fixtures, and install recessed lights and LED strips to lighten up your kitchen. As a pro tip, placing a tall lampshade in the bathroom will get you that Bohemian vibe.

Is there such a thing as too much sun? We think not, so let the sunlight into your bedroom for a lighter, more relaxing vibe.

9. Let There Be Light

Replace your old windows with floor to ceiling doors to allow in more light and give the impression that your house is larger than it really is. Make sure your windows have secondary glazing for extra insulation. This can also reduce air conditioning costs and form sun-flooded spaces for a natural open-space vibe. What adds more value to a home than open views of the gorgeous California landscape? Add a skylight to make your ceiling look taller and incorporate extra light in your bedroom. Bringing the outdoors in will make your house irresistible.  

There are numerous ways how to increase home value, but the most important part still remains the care and the thought you put into the creation of your space. Make your home a reflection of your soul as you set out to increase the quality of your amazing property.

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