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Why Are Young Adults Moving to Sacramento
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Why Are Young Adults Moving to Sacramento

More people are leaving metropolises like the Bay Area or L.A. and opting for a quaint, more comfortable lifestyle in the state capital.


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December 19, 2021

If you’re a young adult anxiously awaiting for the next chapter in your life to commence, start it right by moving to Sacramentoyou’ll certainly not be in the minority. More and more people are packing up and leaving metropolises like the Bay Area or Los Angeles and opting for a quaint, more comfortable life in the state capital. On top of the trendy shopping centers, glistening suburbs, and all the farm-to-fork food you can ever imagine consuming, jobs in Sacramento are popping up at every given chance; the market is thriving, in fact.

These Are The Reasons Why Young Adults Are Moving To Sacramento

If you want to relocate out west but think California is too expensive, consider a move to Sacramento.

1. Sacramento Neighborhoods Cannot Be More Picturesque 

While considered small by the Golden State standards, Sacramento’s size is actually relative depending on where you’re moving from—some people consider the state capital to be a mid-sized metropolis. Regardless, the city boasts tree-lined streets in the thousands in an eclectic mix of desirable neighborhoods and adjacent suburbs.

2. Neighborhoods Dictate Sacramento Lifestyles

Midtown: If you’re all about fast-paced living, then both Downtown and Midtown are the areas for you. A liberal mix of hipsters and budding young professionals, these neighborhoods offer an equally varied house and rental market. It’s common to find a single-family house next to an apartment building that also happens to be next to a tattoo parlor. Midtown is also great in terms of walkability if a low-key, healthy lifestyle is a thing you prioritize.

East Sacramento: East Sac boasts one of the higher prices per square foot in the city since it’s regarded as an upscale section of the state capital. Home to established doctors, attorneys, lawyers, and business owners, this neighborhood is all about the glitzy lifestyle. This is also where McKinley Park is located, a 32-acre green wonderland of recreational bliss.

South Land Park: Comprising primarily 1950s ranch-style abodes, South Land Park is located just four miles south of the state capital. Should you decide to move here, remember that homes don’t turn over often since they usually stay in families for generations. Therefore, you really have to work hard to snatch a place in this ‘hood.

College Greens: Despite being home to California State University, Sacramento, this lush neighborhood doesn’t necessarily define itself as a college hub. In fact, College Greens boasts more home and yard space than you would actually find in Midtown or East Sacramento. Very safe and super sleepy, this neighborhood embodies the laid-back lifestyle Sacramento is renowned for.

While other destinations might be more popular, moving to Sacramento is actually an ideal choice for folks looking to move out west.

3. Relocating to Sacramento from the Bay Area Will Make Winters a Breeze

How you view the state capital’s weather will be relative to where you’re from originally. But if you’re from the Bay Area and you’re moving to Sacramento, you’ll be delighted to know that it rarely ever snows here. All of the outdoorsy activities you put off because it’s too cold in San Francisco are extremely pleasant in Sacramento’s cool and crisp winter air—all you need is a light jacket and you’ll be good to go.

For all the summer lovers out there, Sacramento generally boasts temperatures that loom above 100 degrees, but don’t worry—the lack of humidity here makes the heat drier and more tolerable. You can spend all day exploring your neighborhood, hiking all the scenic trails, and dining at the farm-to-folk eateries without a semblance of sweat.

However, the greatest weather-related benefit of relocating to Sacramento is the opportunity to experience all seasons. People who move to places like Los Angeles often miss out on little pleasures like changing up your wardrobe depending on the season, sipping pumpkin spice lattes as leaves change colors, and stocking up on apples at the u-pick orchards.

Recently, there has been a population shift in California. Many people are being priced out of coastal areas and moving to places like Sacramento.

4. You’ll have easy access to Freshwater Rivers and Lakes

When most people think of the Golden State, the first thing that pops into their mind is going to the beach. But as enticing as it is to take a dip in the Pacific Ocean, Sacramento has access to a slew of large rivers and lakes a stone’s throw away from each other. A typical summer's day in Sacramento involves floating around in the waters, cooling off in the amazing weather, and just generally living your best life. An added bonus—you’re also going to be very close to the mountains, which means skiing, hiking, and unforgettable snowshoe trails.

A favorite summertime activity for Sacramento residents is floating around in the rivers and local watering holes.

5. Outdoor Waterways to Explore 

American River Parkway: Regarded as the ‘jewel of Sacramento,’ the American River Parkway is home to more than a dozen different parks. Outdoor activities here include (but aren’t limited to) boating, fishing, rafting, tubing, and hiking.

Folsom Lake: This boating haven is found 25 miles east of Sacramento. You can spend an entire afternoon just floating around, exploring the waters, and enjoying the surrounding scenery.

Sacramento River: Rising from the mighty Klamath Mountains near Mount Shasta, this wonderful river has to be visited at least once, even if you're just visiting.

Sacramento is rich with places you can visit to experience life as it would have been over 150 years ago.

6. The City is Jam-Packed With History

After the discovery of gold in 1848, Sacramento’s history was shaped in unimaginable ways. More than 750,000 pounds of gold valued nearly at two billion dollars in today's standards was extracted during the short-lived Gold Rush. Serving as a vessel for California, the state capital preserves the history, boasting numerous places and experiences to revisit life as it would have been over 150 years ago.

Sutter’s Fort: Prior to the Gold Rush, Sacramento first started impacting the area at the hands of Swiss immigrant John Sutter in 1839, who began building a fort near the Sacramento and the American Rivers. It was Sutter’s Fort that first led to the discovery of gold, making Midtown the heart of exploration even today.

Gold Rush Days: This is when Old Sacramento transforms into a scene straight out of the 1850s. Each year around Labor Day weekend, residents head Downtown to learn firsthand about their city by observing hundreds of performers. You can pan for ‘fools' gold, too.

Even though the unemployment rate is higher than other parts of California, Sacramento isn’t without a fair job market.

7. There Are Employment Opportunities Aplenty

Last but not least, jobs in Sacramento have always been a big factor in young adults making the move. And even though state employment is among the most common, the pandemic has opened a lot of space for work from home jobs in Sacramento as well. Pair a good career opportunity with the comfort of working from your own space, and you’ve got yourself a pretty happy, and comfortable new life chapter.

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