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California's Best Cities For Introverts To Live In
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California's Best Cities For Introverts To Live In

We're willing to bet that the one thing you’re not considering is whether the place you’re choosing actually matches your personality type.


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August 14, 2021

When looking at places to move to, vacation at, or start a business, a few factors usually strike more crucial than others—factors like the cost of living, job prospects in the area, the potential of meeting that special someone, or things as simple as how close the nearest supermarket is. While this is all well and good (you should definitely be paying attention to these types of things), we are willing to bet that the one thing you’re not considering is whether the place you’re choosing actually matches your personality type. Oh yes, you being or not being a people person does matter; especially in the ever-so-diverse state of California.

If you’re an outgoing, people-lovin’ extrovert, your best course of action is to simply select a bustling metropolis—a relatively easy task in the Golden State. But if you belong to the staying-in, texts-over-voicemails, and one-on-ones-instead-of-loud-parties crowd, your job, well, may be a tad trickier. Don’t worry though, we’ve spared you the asking around (we know how much you hate it); so it’s time you read on to find out what California’s best cities for introverts are.

Santa Barbara is one of the best cities for introverts to live due to its proximity to nature and quiet streets.

Santa Barbara 

While by far not the smallest city in California, Santa Barbara offers a real sense of escape. Its quiet streets almost beg to be meandered solo, with enough walking space for those mental cobwebs to just open up and fall away. The American Riviera is a red tile-roofed wonderland, an explorer’s nirvana, a place where all highways and sidewalks lead to rustic bliss—but what exactly makes this city the best place for introverts to live?

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Well, if we had to narrow it down to one specific thing, Santa Barbara’s secret (or maybe not-so-secret) draw is the beach. And before you dismiss us as extroverted writers, heed our advice and ditch the well-known, crowded beaches in the American Riviera for the secluded gems—and, the best part is that there are too many to count actually. So relish in the breezes and the salt-kissed air while drawing inspiration for your next solo-road trip, kayaking adventure, or hiking exploit.

P.S. The Channel Islands—another excellent place to lose crowds, even if for a little while—are only a stone's throw away.

The self-styled moniker "Shangri-La" for Ojai alludes to the natural setting of this area that emphasizes wellness and spirituality.


Mellow and laid back, Ojai welcomes introverts with open arms and a bustling art scene—but not the sort of bustling kind where you run into lots of people. On the contrary, Ojai’s refreshing small-town atmosphere is the perfect antidote to its neighboring metropolises; being here actually feels worlds and worlds away from anything populous.

The city is slowly becoming the new Palm Springs-like alternative to escaping L.A., that is, if you’re not looking to get too far from the City of Angels. And while Palm Springs has glitz, you better believe that Ojai has the spirit. Lush rolling hills, stunning landscapes, and a strange sense that you’ve always belonged here—that’s what you’re getting out of this city for introverts. Scour the downtown galleries, take part in inspiring solo-art programs, and visit Ojai’s dynamic cultural center, which provides you with brand-new inspiration every time you go.

Siskiyou County

Did someone say swirling wilderness? If you’re looking for the best place to live as an introvert, why not consider moving to a land that has 50 rivers, 270 lakes, lava caves, waterfalls, and, of course, Mount Shasta; living in close proximity to which is like entering a spiritual vortex. Let your mind rest easy at the prospect of not seeing large group gatherings for miles on end, and instead, take up a hobby that guarantees solitude—fishing comes to mind, for instance.

Reeling it in isn’t your sort of thing? No problem. Essentially, the only criteria you need to possess to live in Siskiyou is a love for the great outdoors. If you have that, then the world’s your oyster; a four-season paradise, if you will. Cross-country ski through silent forests, glide through a dozen groomed trails, go on guided snowshoe meditation tours, and seek adventures at every turn.

In addition to everything mentioned, Siskiyou County isn’t as nearly busy as the neighboring Lake Tahoe or Yosemite, so peace and quiet here is guaranteed.

Many of the major business leaders in Silicone Valley started out by having a hard time as an introvert.

Silicon Valley

Okay, we know what you're thinking—the center for constant innovation and tech-induced hysteria finds itself on a 'cities for introverts' list? In what universe? Well, let us explain. In the sublime and fog-strewn streets of the San Francisco Bay Area lies one of the Golden State’s open secrets; the Valley is mainly populated by introverts. Many of the senior leaders in Silicon Valley are self-proclaimed introverts and have gone on in length about why the area is a haven for those who aren’t exactly psyched to socialize all the time.

For one, a handful of jobs in the tech sector don’t really require you to talk to people. In fact, with the option of remote work becoming available, more and more people are considering not coming into the office altogether. This not only speaks of a flexible work environment, but also further solidifies that when it comes to Silicon Valley, being an introvert is definitely in.

Napa County produces many different crops and is known today for its regional wine industry, rising to the first rank of wine regions with France.

Napa Valley

In everyone’s life—regardless of personality type, age group, or zodiac sign—there comes a time where the city bustle appears too much to handle. You come to crave an escape of sorts, and the more you think about it, the more this mystical location crystalizes in your brain. You begin to picture grand estates, luxurious tasting rooms, quaint lodges, manicured parks, and, of course, lots and lots of sunshine. Now, if you’re a Californian daydreaming like this, it might be time to pack up and move to Napa.

Often highlighted as one of the best places for introverts in the Golden State, the charming Napa sits on the banks of the Napa River. The sleepy yet glamorous location easily catches any wanderer’s eye, as the opportunities for solo adventures appear in more abundance than Napa’s wineries, of which there are more than 400, by the way.

Highlights include Oxbow Public Market, a foodie paradise filled with Hog Island oysters, artisanal charcuterie, truffles, caramels, cheesy pizza, wood-fired pie, and more; all to be enjoyed in the presence of live music. For the daredevils and solo-adventurers, Napa boasts everything from scenic drives to unforgettable balloon rides.

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