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How to Avoid June Gloom in California

How to Avoid June Gloom in California

There are so many ways to beat June Gloom and get the most out of your California experience without worrying about the weather.


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June 11, 2021

The Golden State is a perpetually sunny, palm-dotted paradise with a year-round Mediterranean climate and cloudless blue skies. At least that’s what most people assume, only to visit during the late spring and early summer months. Instead, they're met with drizzling rain and foggy mornings—you definitely didn’t see that coming, did you? 

June Gloom, May Gray, or No-Sky July are all terms describing the phenomenon of cloudy, overcast skies that take over California for a short (but seemingly never-ending) period of time. But don’t let the dreary weather turn you away from a spring getaway to San Francisco or an early summer escape to a charming SoCal small town. There are so many ways to beat June Gloom and get the most out of your California experience without worrying about the weather. Keep yourself busy all season long with these ideas and don’t let June Gloom make you blue. 

Ways to Beat June Gloom in California

When is best time to brush up on history and get your art fix? During June Gloom of course!

Visit Museums and Art Galleries

What better way to avoid June Gloom than spending a day in a beautiful building surrounded by creativity? From art galleries in San Francisco to free showrooms in Los Angeles, these cool art-filled spaces will make you forget about the marine layer of stratiform clouds instantly. 

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If you’d rather check out world-class exhibits and museum tours from the comfort of your home, you can also enjoy virtual tours and exhibitions of zoos, museums, national parks, and more.

Nothing compares to a hearty dish that always makes you feel good. Mac and cheese, anyone?

Make Yourself Comfort Food

We don’t know about you, but carbs have always been successful in curing our blues. Substitute the serotonin you get from the sun with those you get from comfort food. Make yourself a healing and healthy dinner that’s just as good as the junk food you crave every now and then. The San Francisco fog hasn’t got anything on a creamy bowl of mac and cheese.

There are so many hiking trails to discover in California. Why keep these places hidden? Embark on an adventure in the great outdoors.

Hike at High Elevations

California’s mountain ranges boast plenty of fun hiking trails above the massive blanket of clouds that overtake the lower elevations. While others cancel outdoor dinner plans, you can chase June Gloom away by slathering on sunscreen and traversing cool, mountain trails.

The Sandstone Peak and Mount Baldy Trails in the Santa Monica area, as well as the Mount Lowe Railway Trail in Altadena are all high-elevation hikes that’ll have you feeling like the mayor of fog-town. Lace up your hiking boots and bid the marine layer goodbye—the sheer thought of knowing that the people below the clouds are probably still in bed should boost your ego to keep you smiling all day long.

It's always sunny in Palm Springs. If you really can't stand June Gloom, simply plan a getaway to get your much-needed dose of sun.

Escape to Palm Springs

Sometimes, you just have to have sunny skies to function, which is why heading over to the forever sunny Palm Springs is always an option. This SoCal desert city is practically immune to June Gloom and has dry sweltering weather almost year-round. Enjoy chilling poolside and admiring mid-century architecture. Engage in other fun and free activities during your stay such as going on scenic drives and checking out galleries. Blissfully ignoring the dull and foggy weather in the rest of the Golden State is especially easy when you’re in Palm Springs.

Don't make excuses, make results! Run, jog, and squat during June Gloom. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.

Warm your Body Up

As much as we hate to admit it, working out does keep our happy hormones in check. Gather your workout essentials and boost your endorphins during June Gloom by signing up for one of the many virtual exercise classes offered by California bloggers and fitness studios. Try yoga if you’re feeling stressed, Zumba to get your energy levels up, or deep stretching to let go of any tension you’re feeling in your body. If you feel like a cute workout set might be the push you need to stick to a workout regimen at home, these California loungewear brands offer the best sustainable options.

Shopping is always a great way to keep your spirits high. Just remember not to overspend!

Browse Online Stores

A little retail therapy never hurt nobody. If you’re environmentally conscious, avoid impulse buying, and support fair-trade businesses instead—there’s no harm in indulging in online shopping from time to time. And let’s face it, nothing’s quite as effective in beating June Gloom than knowing there’s a package on its way to your door.

Check out online record stores to update your vinyl collection, shop for swimwear that’ll arrive by the time the marine layer fades away, or enjoy the simpler things in life and order takeout for a quick mood boost.

That DIY project you've been meaning to do? It's time to finally be productive and put that to good use.

Get Creative at Home

The DIY projects and home renovation plans you’ve been putting off doing for months now? Guess what, now’s the best time to complete them. There are countless ways to keep your mind busy and use your time productively while avoiding the cloudy skies outside. If something instantly popped up in your mind at the mention of the word DIY, then you already know what you should start with.

Create an indoor succulent garden, paint the cloudy skies outside, or give your kitchen a makeover. Better yet, help other people beat June Gloom by volunteering virtually

Why, hello there, spas and retreats! It's been a while. We wouldn't mind getting facials this time of the year at all.

Plan a Wellness Staycation

Spa retreat? Yes, please. Getting a massage is a good idea any time of year, but June Gloom makes indulging in a day of facials and mud baths extra appealing. Head over to an affordable spa resort or make do with a DIY at-home spa. Either way, candles, face masks, and rejuvenating treatments are bound to chase any negative feelings and emotions you’re harboring away with the gray June Gloom clouds.

Honestly, why don't we just embrace June Gloom? Head over to the foggy areas of California, where you'll discover an unseen side of the state.

Head to Fog-loving California Towns

Believe it or not, certain places in California are better enjoyed with a little fog in the sky and a drizzle of rain here and there. The trick is to stay away from the coast and opt for inland destinations where you won’t need the sun to enjoy outdoor activities. Think about small mountain towns, calm scenic lakes, and cabins in California’s coolest forests.

Are you up for a weekend-long road trip? Consider exploring the mystical Avenue of Giants. The tall redwoods lining the road shield visitors from the sun almost year-long, so June Gloom won’t be bothering you here at all. Plus, there are numerous campgrounds, hotels, hiking trails, and unique landmarks to check out along the way—the opportunities for adventure are plentiful.

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