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13 Fun Girls' Day Ideas To Plan Soon

13 Fun Girls' Day Ideas To Plan Soon

Use our list for inspo and hit up your girls right away to share your ladies day out ideas—we sense an adventure on the horizon.


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August 06, 2021

Designated girls’ day is the glue that holds many friendships together. When life rolls around with its tumultuous changes and many ups and downs, there’s only one thing that can fix everything—cue girls’ day activities. Spending time with the number one ladies in your life empowers your girl gang and keeps a strong hold of the foundations that tied you together in the first place. Plus, these aren’t just super important; they’re also super fun!

Luckily, it’s practically impossible to run out of girls’ day ideas when you live in California. With activities and destinations for every interest, the Golden State is a treasure trove of adventures that inspire many fun girls’ day ideas any time of year. Use our list for inspo and hit up your girls right away to share your ladies day out ideas—we sense an adventure on the horizon. 

Girls Day Activities For All The Ladies to Enjoy

Some of the best memories are made around a campfire with your friends. You're never too old to play outside.

1. Camping by the Coast

There’s nothing quite like waking up early in the morning to the sounds of the crashing waves and a day full of beach adventures awaiting you and your girlfriends. Hitting up California’s best beach camping destinations could be a super fun girls’ day idea if your squad likes pitching a tent by the roaring Pacific. And really, who would be able to resist that combo?

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2. Glamping in a Scenic Setting

If camping is a little too rough for you, pamper yourself to an enviable glamping retreat. From the lakes and forests of NorCal to the coast and deserts of SoCal, the scenic settings in the Golden State will definitely inspire many fun girls’ day ideas for you and your gang.

A digital detox gives you the opportunity to go on an electronic break and revitalize your mind and body, all while enjoying your BFFs' company.

3. Going on a Digital Detox

Do your friends tend to get distracted by their phones when you hang out? Suggest going on a digital detox retreat for your next girls day trip idea. California has an abundance of resorts, spas, and camps that specialize in rebooting and recharging you to lead a more productive life sans technology—these are way more fun when explored with girlfriends. 

4. Road Tripping to the Central Coast

California’s Central Coast is one of the most beautiful places in the country. If you have a whole weekend to spare, embark on a summer road trip to the area and enjoy hiking, biking, camping, and other unforgettable adventures in Big Sur and beyond. But for a fancier trip, there are plenty of world-class resorts in the area that can inspire another set of fun girls’ day ideas for you ladies.

Shopping is associated with a sense of achievement. Think about the time you scored a vintage necklace from your local neighborhood thrift shop.

5. Shopping Spree in Los Angeles

Sometimes, you just want to treat yourself and splurge a little. If going on a shopping spree sounds like a good girls’ day out idea, head straight to L.A. Whether it’s in the Downtown area or Beverly Hills, Los Angeles offers the best shopping spots in California, with everything from coveted streetwear stores to high-end boutiques.

6. Spa Day in Napa Valley

Spa days are always on the menu when it comes to girls’ day out ideas for good reason. You get pampered, feel refreshed, and spend quality time with your friends. Treat yourselves to a wellness day at one of Napa’s amazing resorts or spas—your massages and facials are followed up by vineyard views and a delicious gourmet dinner.

Going on a staycation with your girlfriends allows you to spend your energy on your body and use it as a time for emotional and physical rest.

7. Luxurious Staycation Close to Home

When it comes to luxurious staycations that only feel far away, the Golden State sets the golden standard. Pamper yourselves on your next trip and enjoy girls’ day activities from the comfort of your five-star resort. California’s gorgeous hotels are the perfect locales if you’ve been on the hunt for girls’ day trip ideas.

The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table. A meal without a friend is like a day without sunshine.

8. Culinary Tour in the City

Are you and your girlfriends a bunch of foodies who love discovering new places to dine in the city? Going on a California culinary trip is the perfect ladies day out idea for you. Whether it’s taste-testing gourmet chocolate in San Francisco or sampling street food in San Diego, a food tour is an exciting girls’ day idea all day, every day. Food truck, anyone?

9. Stargazing in the Desert 

If you’re open to turning your girls’ day idea into a girls’ night, consider going stargazing at one of California’s best spots. You’ll definitely be starstruck (pun intended) by the incredible views up top, but you’ll also share many beautiful memories with your girls as you stay up all night talking, sharing stories, and enjoying the views together. Compile a camping playlist just in case—you might end up staying up the entire night.

Are you looking for the best friend picture ideas and poses to capture the moments with your dearest people? Flower fields always hit the mark.

10. Shooting in Wildflower Fields

The Golden State has truly spectacular places to see endless fields of gorgeous wildflowers. Make it a bucket list mission to head out to these pretty locales and spend the day hiking, admiring views, and taking Insta-worthy photos together with the beautiful California fields in the backdrop. If it’s not the best wildflower viewing season yet, consider going to U-pick farms as a girls’ day idea instead.

11. Volunteering Together for a Cause you Care About

Nothing brings people together like collaborating to better a cause you care about. Whether it’s online, outdoors, or in a soup kitchen, California’s incredible non-profit organizations could always use a little extra help. Getting up to selfless girls’ day activities provides invaluable bonding experiences and makes the world a better place. Not to mention, they can also be quite fun to complete.

Adrenaline plays a part in extreme sports, but at the end of the day, it's about having new experiences with your friends.

12. Trying a New Extreme Sport

Do you even remember the last time you and your girlfriends tried something for the first time? Here’s a fun girls’ day idea for you: trying your hand at a new extreme sport. Whether it’s water or outdoor sports, there are plenty of adventures to discover in California. Kiteboarding or bouldering could perhaps be on the itinerary? Perhaps scuba diving? You decide, ladies! 

13. Attending a Sports Event

Now that California has started to slowly open back up, more and more sporting events are welcoming live audiences. For a girls’ day idea that involves an exciting match, tasty snacks, and exhilarating chants, consider watching a game of your choice. Baseball, basketball, and football are the most popular ones, but you’ll definitely find other events to attend as well, depending on the time of year.

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