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Wondering Where to Travel Next? This Is The Next City Based on your Zodiac Sign

Wondering Where to Travel Next? This Is The Next City Based on your Zodiac Sign

Eager to find out where to travel next? Your dream getaway’s been written in the stars since the day you were born.


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November 30, 2021

 Wondering “Where should I travel next?” Let the stars guide you to your decision. Based on the ruling qualities and general attributes assigned to your zodiac sign, we’ve compiled a travel horoscope list that’s bound to hit the mark. Whether you’re jet-setting solo or organizing a girls’ trip, these Golden State destinations provide you with the perfect backdrop to make memories that’ll last a lifetime. 

Eager to find out where to travel next? Your dream getaway’s been written in the stars since the day you were born; better listen to the cosmos and get going!

San Francisco has several nicknames, including "The City by the Bay", "Golden Gate City", "Frisco", "SF", "San Fran", and "Fog City."

Aries: San Francisco

Those with their sun in Aries are driven and motivated; they cannot stay still for long. With contagious optimism and a zest for life, the pioneering ram needs constant stimulus to thrive. And where else in California would you have an adventure as dynamic and thrilling as San Francisco? Highly walkable, always active, and constantly changing and improving, the City by the Bay is just lively enough to match Aries’s abundance of energy and ambition.

Santa Barbara's climate is often described as Mediterranean, and the city has been promoted as the "American Riviera".

Taurus: Santa Barbara

It’s no secret that Taurus like treating themselves to the finer things in life. Known for being warm-hearted and personable, this sign likes indulgences but not without constant generosity. So, where is your next destination Taurus? Our travel horoscope instincts point to the beautiful Santa Barbara! The quaint beach town is known for Spanish-style architecture, celebrity residents, art galleries, gourmet foods, and an incredible downtown. In other words, Santa Barbara is an accumulation of all your favorite things, Taurus.

Present-day Santa Cruz was the location of Spanish settlement beginning in 1791, including Mission Santa Cruz and the pueblo of Branciforte.

Gemini: Santa Cruz

Knowing you, Gemini, you probably decided to travel five minutes ago and are hitting the road not too long after. Easily the most spontaneous of all the zodiac signs, Gemini thrives in an environment that provides thrill every second. Santa Cruz, with its great downtown, unrivaled surf scene, and awesome dining and shopping amenities, is bound to keep you on your toes. Gemini and Santa Cruz are a match made in travel horoscope heaven.

While Napa is one of the greatest wine destinations of the world, there are plenty of things you can do in Napa Valley besides vino.

Cancer: Napa 

Cancers are emotional, compassionate, and deeply nurturing. Often putting other people’s needs before theirs, people with their sun in Cancer sometimes need to be reminded to listen to their own needs and wants. So, where is your next travel destination, Cancer? The beautiful NorCal gem by the name of Napa, where you can allow yourself to be unconditionally pampered for once. Spend your days frolicking in the vineyards, indulging in tasty treats, and going on scenic drives around the valley. Come nightfall, you can retreat to the spa in your hotel and come back from your trip feeling brand new.

Whether you’re a culture vulture, outdoorsy type, or simply a lover of our fine city, there’s more than enough in L.A. to keep you busy.

Leo: Los Angeles

Leos are at home under the spotlight. Living in a world of idealistically high standards and even higher ambitions and goals, this star sign pursues life with passion, vigor, and a desire to feel admired. You might already know the answer as you wonder “Where should I travel next?” Leo, you’re heading to the City of Angels. As the undisputed hub of arts and culture on the West Coast, L.A. gives you the aesthetically pleasing and mentally stimulating travel rush you seek through its galleries, beaches, and familiar streets.

Skiing? Check. Swimming? Check. Golfing? Check. Shopping, dining, and nightlife? Yup, those too. Lake Tahoe offers the best of all worlds.

Virgo: Lake Tahoe

Because they’re pressured by perfectionism and self-criticism in their everyday life, Virgos need an outlet to let go when they’re on vacation. Lake Tahoe is an ideal travel horoscope fit because it’s clean, organized, and straightforward, yet ever so slightly unpredictable. The resorts in Tahoe are world-class, the skiing allows you to unwind, and the fancy apres-ski joints provide the taste of understated luxury that you know you love.

Palm Springs sprouted into a resort destination in the early 20th century, with much of Hollywood vacationing here for a quick escape from L.A.

Libra: Palm Springs

Serene in nature and filled with plenty of whimsy and charm, Libras appreciate art, architecture, and other aesthetically pleasing things in life like no other. Well, where will you go on your next vacation then, Libra? Your laissez-faire approach to most things would be perfectly in tune with the culture in Palm Springs! Shop and dine all you want, marvel at the unique architecture, and enjoy plenty of other cool things to do that you won’t find anywhere else; Palm Springs is the effortless escape you seek.

Looking for an unconventional weekend getaway from the San Francisco Bay Area? Mount Shasta is calling.

Scorpio: Shasta

Scorpios are passionate and resourceful statement makers who know what they want and how to make it happen. They have a fire burning inside, yet aren’t always on explosive mode. So, Shasta with its simmering volcanoes can be the perfect entry on your list of where to travel next in California. You’ll be tempted to explore its hiking trails and connect with your darker side as you uncover its mysteries. Rent a cool Airbnb in the mountains to top it all off and you’ll have the Shasta retreat of your dreams.

Whether you love engaging with animals or thrill rides, building sandcastles or beach bonfires, there’s plenty to entertain everyone in San Diego.

Sagittarius: San Diego 

The question “Where should I travel next?” probably passes through a Sagittarius’s mind at least once a day. Adventurous, open-minded, and free-spirited, people with their sun in Sagittarius are the dream travel buddies. You’ll have your thrilling getaway if you head to San Diego, otherwise known as America’s Finest City. This beautiful, blue-skied vacation destination offers everything from beaches and water adventures to gourmet restaurants and inland escapades; your wandering spirit will feel right at home here.

Laguna Beach is Southern California's premier coastal destination, nestled between seven miles of hidden coves and majestic canyons.

Capricorn: Laguna Beach

Capricorns can be ambitious to a fault, with a practical streak that’s highly motivated by success. However, this sign also has a playful, party-loving side not many people know about, making them the ideal match for a trip to Laguna Beach. The Orange County destination gives you the perfect combination of predictability and surprise, allowing for a weekend of pampering in coastal resorts and outdoor adventures by the beautiful shores.

Berkeley is home to the oldest campus in the University of California system, UC Berkeley, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Aquarius: Berkeley

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of innovation and curiosity. This sign is also the humanitarian of the chart, with an artistic and curious soul that’s plagued by social injustice. Tap into that inner warrior soul and head to Berkeley, one of the most educated cities in California and a hub for social change. Your travel horoscope aligns perfectly with this Bay Area destination because all of the things it's most known for—education, justice, art, and culture—are everything you’re passionate about yourself.  

Ojai is a tourism destination known for its boutique hotels, recreation opportunities, hiking, and farmers market of local organic agriculture.

Pisces: Ojai

With their heads in the clouds and their hearts on their sleeves, Pisces are as spiritual as they are friendly. Due to your empathetic nature, Pisces, you deserve a vacation that’s heavy on relaxation and indulgence. Where is your next destination that fits the bill, you ask? Idyllic Ojai. This small bohemian town offers a refreshing small-town atmosphere that’ll capture your heart with lush rolling hills and stunning landscapes.

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