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25 Road Trip Questions, Answered

25 Road Trip Questions, Answered

The Golden State has enough road trips to last you a lifetime—but, you already knew that.


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September 20, 2021

The Golden State has enough road trips to last you a lifetime—but, you already knew that. What is less talked about, though, is the fact that while unimaginably scenic, these road trips can take a while; and you’re going to need something to talk about while on your adventure. So here’s our roundup of 25 tried and tested road trip questions; feels good to be back on the road again, doesn’t it?

We all know the main reason most people love going on a road trip: flexibility and being in control of the journey.

California Road Trip Questions

1. What should you pack on a California road trip?

Whether you’re flying solo or road-tripping with family, the essentials more or less remain the same—necessary documents, a GPS, a first-aid kit, and spare tires.

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2. Which Golden State road trip is best to take with friends?

No matter if you’re on a girl’s trip or on a quest to find the most epic spot to throw a party, all roads lead to Malibu.

3. What are the most surreal places you can visit in California?

This one's a tie between the Cypress Tree Tunnel in Point Reyes, the Poppy Fields in Antelope Valley, and Glass Beach in Fort Bragg.

4. What’s the best weekend trip to take in California?

If you're in the mood for rustic bliss, head to one of California's national parks (or visit them all). But if unwinding in luxury is more your speed, there's always Palm Springs waitin’ for ya.

Being behind the wheel is the best way to take in the gorgeous valleys, steep cliffs, endless desserts, and spectacular coastline vistas.

5. Which SoCal beach trip is ideal to go on with the family?

While scenic drives come in abundance (it’s SoCal duh), the one most raved about among families leads you to the strikingly majestic La Jolla.

6. Who makes the best travel bags?

There are many California-made outdoor gear companies, but The North Face is renowned for the sturdiest bags (as well as sleeping bags) on the market.

7. Which iconic California road trip should you take in the fall?

If you’re not one for the crowds, opt for Napa Valley from late October to early November— the fall foliage you’ll see will leave you breathless.

8. What are the best NorCal road trips to go on solo?

Easy, go to the Sierra National Forest—because, you know what they say; nature is the best companion for self-reflection.

9. What are California destinations most people haven’t heard of?

For this one, you're going to have to pick between the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, Big Bear Lake, and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

From On the Road to Thelma and Louise to Easy Rider, is there any endeavor more American than the road trip?

10. What are a few of Golden State’s best summer road trips?

Though there are many to choose from, we recommend Yosemite Valley to South Lake Tahoe, Redding to Fern Canyon, or San Francisco to Big Sur.

11. What’s the best place to go off-road camping in California?

Pismo Beach, Joshua Tree, and Death Valley offer great ways to go off-grid. The only difference is the type of scenery around you.

12. Are there any rules to road-tripping in California?

This will be especially useful if you’re new to the Golden State, but an unspoken code of ethics does actually exist—read our article to find out more.

There’s no doubt about it, California is one of the best road trip destinations in the world. Many of the best drives are found right here.

Questions to Ask on a Road Trip

13. What’s the most beautiful place you’ve seen so far?

Save this one for longer road trips, because there are a lot of places to go over. But in any case, listening to your friend’s definition of beauty and the places they name are guaranteed to make you feel closer to them.

14. What are the songs you associate with the road?

We think this is one of the most fun road trip questions because it’s a two-in-one. First, you learn about your friend’s road trip playlist preferences and the creative mental connections they make through music. Second, you may get introduced to new music as you jam your way down PCH. 

15. Do you consider yourself a savvy packer? Why/ why not?

Does your friend pack efficiently? Compare essentials or simply talk about the items you can or cannot live without—it’ll pass the time, we promise.

In a state as large and diverse as California, there is no shortage of destinations and detours to explore by car.

16. What’s the most relaxing place you’ve been in California?

Discovering what kind of places your friend finds relaxing might actually make you get to know them better. And especially if the setting is considered one of California’s most beautiful places, you’ll get really valuable intel.

17. What’s the quirkiest roadside attraction you’ve seen so far?

Is it the world’s largest lemon or the Cabazon Dinosaurs? Find out what kind of things have caught their eye while cruisin’ the coast.

18. What’s the funniest thing about taking your dog on a getaway?

Since there are numerous getaways you can take with your furry friend in California, chances are your friend has an anecdote (or ten) to tell.

Whether your road trip entails an epic journey or a shorter drive, the road trip options are as large and varied as the state itself.

19. Have you ever driven past a famous movie location?

Spoiler alert—you most probably have. Even if you and your crew were unaware of it at the time, the Golden State is home to like a million film locations (*cough* Hollywood *cough*).

20. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done in the Golden State?

From skydiving to hot air balloon riding, California offers all kinds of thrill-seeking adventures. Compare daredevil milestones with your friends and see who’s achieved the most—who knows, maybe you’ll embark on your next adventure together?!

21. Which national park speaks most to you?

Allow us to make a little suggestion—go for a national park trip solely based on your zodiac sign. Whether you’re selecting the park based on your sun sign or rising sign, you’ll find a park that suits you to a T.

22. What’s your go-to scenic drive to take when you need to clear your mind?

When it comes to the Golden State, scenic drives are aplenty. Whichever you prefer—lush NorCal or sun-soaked SoCal—ponder this question and then transform the fantasy into reality.

From coastal drives to history-filled routes, California's roads allow you to enjoy the detours as much as the final destination.

23. Are you taking the necessary steps to make your drive eco-friendly?

While not always the most thrilling road trip conversation starter, this one is necessary—California’s environment is breathtaking, sure, but you have to make sure it stays the same for generations to come. And yes, even if it comes at the cost of making a few minute changes to your usual routine.

24. What’s your all-time favorite desert getaway?

Make sure to specify desert locations should only be in the Golden State; otherwise, you’d be talking about this one for hours. Then again, it’s not like California doesn’t boast its fair share of sparkling oases—okay, we give up, this one might take a while, but it’s totally worth every second of priceless conversation.

25. What do you do to make sure your car is packed efficiently?

This one both serves as a fun road trip question, and as a sneaky way to compliment how organized your friend’s car is.

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